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Gig Review: Black King Cobra EP Launch Glasgow King Tuts

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Having already heard and reviewed BKC’s amazing “Law of Attraction” EP I knew this was goingto be a brilliant night…even if the band were crapping themselves beforehand.
Tonight had three support bands but I am afraid I am going to have to omit two as they really did not fit and to be honest I was confused as to why the excellent Sauza Kings were put on first. I have seen this band before and know exactly what they can do and the fact they had to open proceedings is a bit of a slap in the face as far as I am concerned.
The boys, however, took it in their stride and opened by saying how they had always wanted to play the King Tuts stage, followed quickly by a big thanks to BKC(and a sneaky request for a signed EP).

They then proceeded to play a blistering set opening with “Remedy”. Mark Burdett takes his place between the two mics and blasts out their brand of sleazy, grubby, distorted blues/rock. Between guitar he is jumping from the mic and the megaphone. This band are intoxicating and a hell of a lot of fun.

You can imagine them in some crappy south west pub, behind a cage, bottles smashing on tables and fights breaking out all night(wait, that is Glasgow every day of the week). These Fifers can write some very catchy tunes and the slow guitar on the songs are brilliant. I love a good dose of  blues and “Like a Dog” is a beast. It drips like the sweat down a rednecks back and it is as lazy as the same guy after a moonshine session.

This band are excellent and with two full albums out you need to check them out now. Just like the  headliners tonight they have that something that is a bit different.

As BKC members take to the stage minus singer Callum the venue is packed. The roar goes up and the boys plug in and get down to the J.Y.B intro and onto “Blood Rush”. Even the usual technical issues are not here tonight…the gods have granted a free path and at that Callum Moran takes to the stage to a massive cheer. The most humble person I know looks shocked as always as he sees the crowd in front of him, Black King Cobra’s crowd and that alone tells you a story of a band just under two years old.

As they burst out one of my favourite songs I think back to when I first saw this band and how much has changed. Two band members for starters in the last six months but it is the confidence you can see now. It is like they are finally beginning to believe in themselves and accepting idiots like me might actually know what we are talking about when we say how good they are.

The first new track from the EP is “Shiver” which is already a favourite with many people here. It has been played live for a while but it was great to see it on a recording but live it is on a different plane. Watching guitarist Ross Clark get lost in his guitar is mesmerising. He is half Hendrix and half a raver. He bounces across the stage, never missing a note.
The next newbie is “Ball and Chain” and that song is bursting with soul. It may have some prog guitars but this is a beauty. It also sees bassist Rob Kennedy bust out the prog bass and this guy is really settling in. He is getting the live vibe now and fits in a treat.

Now, I really need to stop being surprised with this band, they go and drop a new EP, it blows you away then on the day of its release they tell you they are playing another new song that has just been written. This in itself is not a surprise as it seems they have always played songs that they have not recorded but “Undesirable” is one hell of a tune. I stopped in my tracks, I put my beer down and stood with my mouth wide open. BKC have an element I have still not been able to put my finger on but with this song they have widened their audience and the band that you cannot label have taken it to another level. It is maturity beyond their years. Ross settles down into the slow groove, new boy Stephen Buggy worked his ass off behind the drum kit and he looks to be the real deal(even if he looked a bit shattered).

This song needs the full treatment, get it recorded ASAP, shoot a video with it and get it out there. Sometimes you can hear a song and know instantly you have just witnessed a defining moment, this is BKC’s moment…I would place money on that.

While I am still in shock they slip into “Wrack’n’Ruin” which was probably the first track I heard from the band and had me hooked from the off. The funk flies, the groove kicks in and the hips start swaying. This is my go to track for those who have not heard of the band. If this does not win them over I just kill them, place them in my large tub of acid and walk away smiling. It’s OK people I haven’t had to do this yet but please be warned!

Another unrecorded track in “Harvest Moon” is next and again this is a gem and it is followed by the final song tonight in “Quake”. A right rocker of a tune and what a way to bow out. I look through the songs on display tonight and wonder how this band have not been picked up by a label yet. Every song is a classic and they seem to be able to write brilliant songs with ease. BKC are destined for great things. It may not come as quickly as I would like to see but I am happy to bear witness to the journey they are on. I will watch the venue sizes grow, the songs come forth and this band go from strength to strength. This band are bringing the funk back.

A special mention has to go to Anchor Lane for turning out for this show. They were in Wales the night before and head off to Belladrum the following day. This is how Glasgow bands support each other and it is why I love my city.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

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