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Dio,s legacy and influence knows no bounds, with so many groups/artists still
inspired by the great mans rock and metal imprint that along with “Dio,s Disciples”
and “Last in Line” we now have “Dream Child” featuring 3 former members of Dio at
one time or another. “Craig Goldy” guitar, “Simon Wright” drums and “Rudy Sarzo”
bass with additional guitar from “Wayne Findlay” MSG and rounded of with the Dio
sounding vocals of “Diego Valdez”
“Dream Child” is a apt name indeed as its not just one of the lyrics from the “Dream
Evil” album but also the nickname Ronnie use to give Craig Goldy during his time
with the group.
No shit sherlock when I make it quiet clear that that this is vintage Dio sounding with
classic Rainbow ,Maiden and Priest all bearing some sort of influence in the DNA of
“Dream Child”
“Under The Wire” rips into gear and God alive its like 1984 and im 17 years old
again, the first 63 seconds of this opening track is a full on “Goldy” shred fest then
“Diego Valdez” opens his Argentinian mouth with a power to match the rhythm
section of Wright and Sarzo. Every band member is all over this song with additional
guitars from Findlay and suttle keyboards thrown into the mix just for good measure.
Then a turn of pace is a wonderful surprise on “You Cant Take Me Down” with a
slow stabbing riff that stop starts then speeds up for the chorus with atmospherics
thrown in left right and centre. I cant emphasise how classic sounding and huge this
track is,
Another curve ball thrown by the band is the funky chunky “Playing With Fire”
which gives drummer Simon wright space to branch out and lay down some serious
rhythm. Also some higher registered vocals adds up to a slight break from the norm.
Any fans of Rainbow should enjoy title track “Until Death Do We Meet Again” with
its creaking door and child’s spoken intro with musical box sounding chimes before a
mid tempo rocker emerge with keyboards supporting this mammoth effort, special
mention to “Valdez” and his amazing vocals where he’s stretching every sinew to
“Weird World” starts off with various conversations regarding coconuts, ufos, ghosts
and presidents ?? this song is by far the strangest inclusion on this album and to be
honest has left me completely confused as to what’s going on with lyrics that
resemble no sense what so ever. Definitely a big blip indeed.
Rounding the album out is “One Step Beyond The Grave” clocking in just short of an
impressive 9 minutes with another catchy chorus and more stabbing keyboards then
the momentum is dropped to a piano/keyboard mid section before it builds back
again.”Sarzos” bass is so prominent as it steers headlong into into the face of a manic
guitar solo that goes on and on until the inevitable fade out and a fitting climax to one
heck of a album.
I’m sure the great man will be looking down from above and nodding approvingly.

Stephen Bruty

For More Info Visit:https://www.facebook.com/DreamChildRock/


1) Under The Wire

2) You Can’t Take Me Down

3) Games Of Shadows

4) It Is What It Is

5) Playin With Fire

6) Light Of The Dark

7)Midnight Song

8) Until Death Do We Meet Again

9) Washed Upon The Shore

10) In A World So Cold

11) Weird World

12) One Step Beyond The Grave


Craig Goldy – Lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards and bass

Rudy Sarzo – Bass 

Simon Wright – Drums

Wayne Findlay – Keyboards

Diego Valdez – Lead Vocals and background vocals



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