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Gig Review: Dig Lazarus at The Mind Rocks Festival, The Free Trade Inn, Sileby

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04 August 2018

The day was an absolute scorcher and so what better way to spend it than to go and see a band that delivers on its promise to “Rock in the Sun”, Dig Lazarus. Fresh from supporting Tequila Mockingbyrd’s these guys know how to put on a set that melts your face along with help from the sun.

Opening up with White Ryno featuring a massive bass line which builds into a vibrant, full buzz with a rhythm that compels you to move. Staccato sound from the guitars combining with the drums as the song builds got the blood pumping as they moved at full pelt into Hands Off which begins with a rush of heavy, vibrant guitars.  The drumming rolled along with the bass providing a deeply rich tone.  The song changes in pace as the guitars and drums weave in and out of each other creating a musical pathway that leads you further in.  This is a catchy tune that was a real crowd pleaser, combined with energetic drumming, heavy bass lines and raspy, cutting riffs.

Moving swiftly into Joker which drew in the crowd with its infectious melody initially coming from the drums and deep, heavy bass before the guitar picks up. With slight punk references this song always puts a huge smile on my face as it is easy to sing along to.  Whaling guitars and a bass line that packs a massive punch announces Satisfied.  The drumming thunders pushing the tempo along, the bass added a layer of funk, with Atticus adding backing vocals in the chorus which got the crowd singing along.

As the temperature continued to climb Dig Lazarus were certainly doing all they could to increase this with hot, searing riffs, huge bass lines and throbbing drums. What is more they looked like they were having a great time. Moving into a cover of Jumping Jack Flash and then treating us to a new track Feel which is slower in tempo and reminded me slightly of Tom Petty, with a very catchy chorus.

Salacious came next, which is a personal favourite. It starts with the drums and then the bass line kicks in with its rounded fuzzy feel, mingling with the chunky guitar.  This is a sleazy blend of rock and punk, with Ash asking “Are you ready for the time of your life boy?  Step right up and lose your mind”. There was a wonderful interplay between the bass line and the drums. The dark and dirty feel for me, moving snake like and sensuously from start to finish was superb.

The final song of the set, which was sent with a shout out of thanks to Edd Kent, was Outlaw which is title track of their latest EP, got heads nodding from the start, filled with climbing riffs, machine gun drumming and hazy bass into a very catchy tune. The guitar snarled and growled along, urged along by the bass and drums.

Dig Lazarus are Ash Tustain on Guitar and Vocals, Atticus Hall-McNair on Bass and Vocals and Jack Cotterill on Drums and Percussion. The camaraderie displayed is very real as this is a band of friends who really enjoy playing together. There were some issues with the mic which had to be gaffer taped up mid set and the smoke machine making everyone think something had been set alight but this did not detract from a great set that was vivid and at full power and absolutely shone as brightly as the sun.


Review by Samantha Lamb, Spin Sunday Music Review

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