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Album Review: Slash, Myles and the Boys are Truly “Living The Dream”

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Anything with Slash AND Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators always has a high expectation of something special attached to it. And with “Living The Dream”, that reputation is cemented with ease.

“The Call Of The Wild” kicks of the album in pure style as the guitar intro stutters its way with ease into a cracking rock tune. Myles’ vocals are on point on this stadium anthem waiting to happen. It is filled with an absolutely infectious sound throughout the track. This is one that will be put on repeat without a doubt.

Next up is “Serve You Right” with a heavy groove that just has that chunky headbanging rhythm that just screams “Slash is killing it”. It has a southern rock bluesy feel throughout that is sure to satisfy any rocker of any age. This is a fantastic track, pure and simple.

Then comes “My Antidote” giving you a great, almost tribal, chugging guitar sound that shows off why this collaboration is so perfectly formed. As it sweeps through a light foot tapping sound right through to full on blasting through your sound system. Especially when Slash lets rip in the solo. You will headbang. There is no escaping it.

Up next is “Mind Your Manners”, a rocking fast track with a full on sound that just calls for a good drive out on the roads. This is a pedal to the metal throtletastic tune that will make sure you can’t sit still. 3:38

They slow things down a bit with “Lost Inside The Girl”, a great ballad style track that has such an infectious feel right from the vocals to the riffs. The guitar work produces a superb rhythmic sound that you just can’t ignore. Its just an incredible song.

With “Read Between The Lines” you get the funkier side of Slash that has banging drums, a heavy bass sound and great vocals tied together with driving guitars. The whole song is another sweeping track of slow, fast, light and heavy all perfectly mixed together to give another perfectly delivered track of sheer joyful rock.

“Slow Grind” is a solid rock track that just pulls you along right to the end. The guitar work is just fantastic including the solo. It is one that just gives you a great rhythm to rock out to. 

“The One You Loved Is Gone” is another slowdown track that is just a thing of beauty that has Myles producing that recognisable soft vocals that completely compliments the whole musical arrangement. It is one of the best emotional searching songs you may ever hear that will always seem to attract that piece of dust into your eye.

“Driving Rain” takes you back up a notch and delivers a thunderously excellent rock tune right into your ears that will have you jumping and rocking out before you realise it. Its definitely another song that will fit perfectly into a live set and get the crowd going. This track will make you feel alive.


Then comes “Sugar Cane” a hard and fast hitting track that gives no quarter to deliver a great grooved up sound. It is pure high octane energy that will work better than any energy drink you could drink.

The penultimate song “The Great Pretender” is another slow song but with a definitely southern drawl feel about it that just seems to pull thoughts of a lazy horse ride across the prairies into your head. It is another creation of beauty that meanders along like a great emotional tributary as it winds its way to the sea. Solid, full of sentiment and overflowing with a melancholy that you will float away to.

The album ends with “Boulevard Of Broken Hearts”, and what a way to finish off the 12 track odyssey. Full, uncompromising, thumping, chunky, rhythmic, rock that just has “Epic” stamped all over it. An example of excellence and professionally delivered rock

Overall, this album is simply a must buy. This will end up being an iconic album that you have to listen to before you die. Yes, it is that good. This album has no filler tracks. So you get 12 stomping songs for your hard earned cash. Not one disappointed or even came close. Living The Dream sets a high standard from start to finish. Bravo, Slash, Myles and the lads – you have created a superb album that people will, without thinking, put on repeat.

Living The Dream” is out now.

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