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Album Review :Stephen Pearcy : View to a thrill

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So the legend that is “Stephen Pearcy” returns with his 5th solo effort and this is well anticipated by the hoards of “Ratt” fans the world over. People still fail to realise the impact “Ratt” had on the world of rock n roll with 15 million albums sold to date with mega sellers like “Dancing Undercover” and the insanely superb “Out Of The Cellar” on this album “Pearcy” has a secret weapon in guitarist “Erik Ferentinos” who co wrote on many of the tracks on this release. 

After a rumblin bass sounding synth introducing opener “U ONLY LIVE TWICE” were head first into a snarling vince neal sounding rocker and with solid drums pushing the song along it really is a positive head shaker of an opener. 

“SKY FALLING” is pretty much the same tempo with more sublime vocals this really is cracking material with just 4 guys playing good honest rock n roll with nice back up vocals and solid pounding bass this is a very impressive introduction “MALIBU” has a shuffle drum intro and chunky stabs on the guitar nice touches of keyboards and more snarling vocals this is far and away better than “Pearcys” previous album “Scream” and heavy and catchy as hell !! with this song its a throwback to the heady days of sleaze / hair metal and to me feels impossible to believe that 30 years have passed since those wonderful times and memories this track makes me feel young again. 

“ONE IN A MILLION” keeps things swinging along nicely with more guitar work that fills the track to the brim and again “Pearcy throws in some spoken word passages that work well with his high pitched vocals. 

“SECRETS TO TELL” with its ticking clock intro is the first time that we branch out from the typical 80s feel, with a more up to date if spooky sounding number. Half way through the song breaks down for a short while then the guitars come racing back in and we have lift off again on what for me is the song that stands out best on this release a full blooded rocker. 

“IM A RATT” is another up-tempo track with a few obvious nods to his other job as full time RATT vocalist. With what sounds quiet a angst vocal then from out of nowhere the song suddenly stops and were left with a strange simple plucking guitar and jazz like drums for the last few seconds which is a very weird. 

“VIOLATOR” is a sledgehammer of a closing song with heavy as hell drums, bass, guitar, kitchen sink etc etc . back ground chants boosts the songs appeal and although less than 3 minutes duration time it boost this albums rating by more than a notch or two. If I was to be totally honest what ive just listened to would be in my top 10 albums of 2018 it really catches that Hollywood feel of yesteryear and although many a band from that era may have packed it all in years ago its just nice that “Stephen Pearcy” is still reminding us that he still has the chops and the fresh material. A inspiring release indeed. 

Review by :Steve Bruty

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