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Gig Review :High on Fire, Enslaved & Krakow 10th October 2018

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October 10th 2018, Limelight was the place to be as the local metalheads gathered in masses to witness what would truly be a show for the ages.

First to take the stage were Bergen stoner metal four piece Krakow. High energy and high times were the order if the day as they hammered out catchy and undeniably heavy tunes much to the pleasure of the crowd. Mixing a solid blend of stoner metal, crushing doom and atmospheric Krakow got everyone pumped up. Their dual vocal approach was stunning, shifting between a lofty clean style to a more aggressive rugged tone. The entire set was great and the atmosphere throughout was fantastic.

Next up were Norwegian heavyweights and fellow Bergen lads Enslaved. Every eye and ear in the room was focused entirely on the stage as they opened with ‘Roots of the Mountain’. The crowd stared in awe as Enslaved laid waste to the limelight with their eclectic mix of viking, black, progressive and folk metal. Frontman and bassist Grutle Kjellson held the rabid audience in the palm of his hand as one of the greatest live acts on the planet delivered classics like ‘Ruun’ and ‘Isöders Dronning’ as well as the first track from their latest epic ‘E’ and ‘Sacred Horse’, another from the same album. During a fantastic live rendition of viking anthem ‘Havenless’ the crowd stood in wonder, throwing up the sign of the horns repeatedly. Finishing with ‘Allfǫðr Oðinn’ Enslaved showcased a masterclass in live performance and destroyed eardrums throughout the venue.

The frantic (and now slightly deaf) crowd hadn’t much time to recover as Oakland three piece stoner thrashers High On Fire took the stage with their high octane set, sending the crazed onlookers into a frenzy. Circle pits erupted as Matt Pike and crew blasted through fan favorites such as ‘Sons of Thunder’, ‘ The Black Pot’ and ‘Fury Whip’. Everyone in Limelight had their heads banging along to the thick wall of sound and wild shredding lead guitar work. The whole place was moving, adrenaline was pumping and fists were punching the air. The sweat was now lashing from everyone, the band included as the night came to a close. A thoroughly enjoyable show and a night that no one will forget in a hurry.

Review by Phil Noonan.

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