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Album Review: Morbid Black Trinity coming from Master’s Call in January 2019

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‘Morbid Black Trinity’ is the debut ep by Wolverhampton five piece Black Metal group, Master’s Call.  And with this album Master’s Call, Conjured from unholy darkness, stride inexorably out through the flames beyond the gates with an unstoppable conviction on their side. They have a destiny to fulfil.

The first track ‘From Once Beneath The Cursed’, sets the whole EP up as it starts with an imposingly dark and morbid atmosphere before it thunders in with pure aggression. Portraying with pure malice the physical embodiment underlying madness, hate and evil of the world being conjured into being, the heavy riffage and tone is beautifully oppressive. It truly is a symphony of fear and destruction as the beast unleashes its malefic majesty upon an unsuspecting world. The harmonics of guttural, powerful and unstoppable hatred fit perfectly into the descending madness of the guitars and drums.

Next is the ‘The Spire Cranes’. With its almost unholy almost imperceptible canticle swirling and seeping through the speakers it launches into a pure assault of belligerent malevolence. It is full of heavy groove built on a foundation of burning hatred that will smash through any holy symbols of faith of any kind to tear down, brick by brick, the holy buildings that tower high. The way the whole track is constructed it will just bring to mind swathes and hordes of be-metaled warriors swarming over any defenders of a faith. It is the battle between Chaos and Order, but not good or evil.

The final track is ‘My Eyes Are The Night’ that continues the relentless onslaught of black metal. The track portrays the hunter stalking the night, preying on victims who have lost themselves amid the atrocities of the world, manipulating them into sacrificing themselves for the false hope of a greater existence beyond our own. It is a perfect track to finish on, replete with heavy grooves, thunderous riffage and unremitting drums. Shayan’s guttural and visceral vocals are well pitched to tell each tale with a menacing presence coming forth.

‘Morbid Black Trinity’ encompasses the darkness of faith, body and spirit with three powerful tracks that each tell a different potent story. Master’s Call are definitely in the vein of the likes of Cradle Of Filth, King Leviathan, Dimmu Borgir, and Conjurer.

Featuring experienced musicians, the crafting of the band’s sound began in the birthplace of metal, Birmingham, England where an early demo track entitled ‘The Spire Cranes’ was created in late 2016. Taking care and time to write their debut recorded material, Master’s Call has been making waves on the live circuit with slots at the likes of HRH Metal, Beermageddon Festival and more.

Master’s Call features a wealth of talent and stories to tell, including vocalist Shayan, originally from Iran. In Iran, Metal is banned; especially where anti-religious lyrics are concerned as the country’s Islamic government considers it blasphemy.  Whilst the risk of jail or even potentially execution didn’t stop Shayan writing and performing black metal in Iran, he eventually moved to the UK in 2011 to pursue having freedom of expression as a metal musician.

‘Morbid Black Trinity’ was recorded and mixed by Neil Haynes at The Parlour Studios in Northampton and mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Productions (Necrophobic, Dimmu Borgir, Watain) in Sweden. The EP artwork was created by the band’s own John Wilcox and Adam Tricklebank.


1. From Once Beneath The Cursed
2. The Spire Cranes
3. My Eyes Are The Night

‘Morbid Black Trinity’ is self-released 25th January 2019.

Master’s Call is:

Shayan (Vocals)
Dave Powell (Guitars)
John Wilcox (Guitars)
Adam Tricklebank (Bass)
James Williams (Drums)

Connect with Master’s Call on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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