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Album Review: 4 Shots from COLLATERAL Is Just Waiting For You To Press Play

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Collateral are a melodic hard rock band that appeals to a new generation of rock fans. Their dynamic sound not only appeals to lovers of early Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, but also appeals to fans of Tyketto, Def Leppard, Little Angels and Thunder. The debut single Midnight Queen features great hooks, a catchy chorus and an infectious guitar solo. The debut 4-track EP “4 Shots” was released by Roulette Records and was launched when they performed at Leo’s in Gravesend on Saturday 24th November.

4 Shots

Kicking off the EP is “Going With The Wind” shines the light perfectly on what Collateral are about with a pure easy listening but solid sound that has a high voltage rock and roll vibe that swings back and forth between sweet, clear vocals. This track encapsulates classic 80s rock with an updated and polished style for a 2018 audience.

Then comes the southern rocking “Midnight Queen” with great riffs, solid beat, superb vocals and swinging, swaying rhythm that just brings a joyous smile to your face. It’s a pure upbeat song filled with screaming guitar work and chugging bass that will put a skip in your dour metal saunter any day of the week. If your not feeling too energetic then sit back, kick back and knock that ice cold JD back.

Screaming and sliding into the next track is “Angels Crying” before it slows way down with a light southern drawl reminding you of an Aerosmith or Bon Jovi ballad. The whole track is on point and the solo is beautiful in every way. It all fits emotionally together perfectly. If you don’t feel anything, then you are emotionally dead inside without any hope.

Finally comes “Just Waiting For You”, a love song that is pure Bon Jovi as the vocals swing up before hushing way down to a sweet husky sound. The track is a rock and roll slow dance song that fits just right near the end of the night or one for the lighters in the air. Though be warned it has a fantastic fast solo piece planted right there in the latter part of the tune. Just to mess with you.

Overall “4 Shots” sees Collateral setting out a fantastic 80s rock stall with four cracking tunes that can not be ignored in any way. The rhythms, melodies and solos are gold standard soft rock that oozes pure quality, just going to show that that shmaltzy 80s soft/hair rock was not just a fad but a way of life. The lads have truly delivered an EP that sets the standard at a high level for what to expect next. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

To put it simply “4 Shots” is a perfect chill album for any hard rocker out there and the perfect anti-dote to Monday blues.

Review by Ivor Whitten, Happy Metal Geek

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