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Gig Review : CKY Hit Limelight Belfast With SUMO CYCO And BULLETS & OCTANE

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30 November 2018

An early start at the Limelight Belfast for a busy night at the venue with no less than three events being hosted, but only one caught the eye for the team, a triple bill of Bullets & Octane, Sumo Cyco and the mighty CKY returning to Belfast once again to their faithful crowd.


Bullets And Octane

With such an early kick off (6pm) many were still caught up in the team time traffic getting to a from the city centre, throw the Christmas madness and you can imagine the picture for yourself. So when Bullets & Octane take to the stage there was a modest crowd available for what was a balls out, memorable show that was wasted on the few, a high energy and passionate performance by a slick outfit that was deserving of a far bigger audience.

These L.A. Rockers laid down the foundation for what was going to a savage nights entertainment as they slayed their way across a frantic and fun set, with frontman Gene Louis taking to the floor to walk between the onlookers and sing with his devoted followers, high five-ing and shaking hands as he does his energy was infectious as guitarist Felipe Rodrigo joins him to rock out front and centre. The two entertain all around them with a passionate and charismatic performance that showcases their experience across their short but sweet set. What a way to kick off the evening, how could that possibly be topped?


Sumo Cyco

Two words, Sumo Cyco. Hamilton, Ontario’s crazy outfit put on a performance that brought all before them together in a whirlwind and left the gathered masses breathless and begging for more! Fronted by the enigmatic Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetham they pulled the disjointed crowed together by the end of their first song. Those who were hiding in the shadows were now up front and centre, as Sever in her red tutu commanded the stage, her performance was simply magnetic. The band were on form as they attacked each song like their lives depended on it, their music is powerful and beautifully delivered live, all brought together by a front woman who knows how to deliver.

Taking to the crowd Sever ends up on top of the bar and rides her way back to the stage on a confused local who cant seem to remember where the stage was located, who can blame him it’s no doubt an unexpected turn of events for the guy who was no included in Sumo Cyco’s performance. They threw in a cover version of System Of A Down’s B.Y.O.B and the room went wild, but one of the highlights was their single ‘Mountains’ which features Skindred’s own Benji Webbe, (off their latest album Opus Mar) Sever had her minions on the floor as per her command as she built up the tension as the song reached it’s crescendo into an absolute rager. The room was bouncing as Sumo Cyco wrapped up their set and once again left their mark on Belfast. Till next time, till next time.



By now the room was packed, the merch stand was surrounded as both Bullets & Octane and Sumo Cyco made a killing. Deservedly so, but as the lights dimmed one final time the ring of CKY, CKY, CKY rang out through the crowd and the behemoth sounding guitar and bass shook the floor. The bass drum pounded so hard you could feel it in your chest as the trio slammed out their opening track.

Chad I Ginsburg adorned with a CKY decorated guitar with a hefty sound and screaming harmonics stood feet planted front and centre on stage grinning like a Cheshire cat. Understandable as the CKY massive in front adore this band. The cheers that ring out is undeniable as the packed room pushes forward to grab a better view of their idols. CKY are like a steady ship as they grind out each gargantuan sounding riff, brutal bass lines and vicious drum patterns pummel the crowd as they soak up each and every blow with glee.

An unmistakable performance once again, by the Philadelphia trio left the Belfast crowd exhausted and battered but happy to be in the ring. Three class acts, one night, and unforgettable memories.


Review by : Mark McGrogan, Rock n Load

Photography : Darren McVeigh, Metal Planet Music 

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