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Album Review :Inglorious ‘Ride To Nowhere

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I can’t not mention that over the last few months the fact that this album was due to be released was smothered by the departure of 3 band members all on the same day. Then there was the awful cyber bullying of the frontman and then a bit of a meltdown from him on social media followed by a clearly heartfelt apology. There’s no skirting around it – it took the shine off the new album and the forthcoming tour, pausing the anticipation and the positivity which has been around the band since 2014. 

The two previous albums have been winners, gaining the band fans and respect along the way. the bands identity really shining through especially on the second album. So after hearing a couple of released tracks from ‘Ride To Nowhere’ I was hopeful that what I had heard would set the tone of the album and allow it to blast away the negative and usher back in the positivity.

‘Where Are You Now’ has a solid melody and serious amounts of rhythm, slogging drums pounding out the tempo whilst the riffs wind their way through, James’s vocal is deliciously light and low throughout the verses before the power kicks in the hugely catchy chorus which dominates the track. It feels very Inglorious.

‘Freak Show’ has a classic rock feel with buzzy riffs and low riding funky bassline. The vocal kicks through with an aggression which feels full of emotion. ‘Never Alone’ is heavier with a blues tinged vocal. ‘Tomorrow’ smacks you in the gut with its delicious riffs, a bluesy rock vocal, pounding drums and grooving bassline and ‘Queen’ brings back the late 70’s classic rock vibes to my ears which I love and James really does know just how to lay down a classy vocal. He is certainly growing with each album vocally and lyrically, not that he ever appeared to be green at all, it’s just that these tracks seem to nail it for me. The pain, the passion, the raw emotions, it all comes through in much more measured doses, less is more I suppose but we still get the full range and power that we know he has.

‘Liar’ feels dark and heavy, the lyrics equally dark. The chorus will have everyone singing along. I’d hate to have been the inspiration behind these lyrics though. ‘Time To Go’ has some serious funk but with clean riffs, which had me reaching to the back of my mind and finding them nestled alongside AC/DC and Dan Reed Network. A song full of swagger throughout.

‘I Don’t Know You’. Oh my! First play and it was etched in my brain, firmly planted in the realms of power ballad only this is no love song, it’s a song full of pain and emotion, written by Heather Leoni who also provides backing vocals, her voice matching the power of James’s and blending beautifully. It’s a staggering song and a phenomenal performance from Eriksson, Parkinson, Lowe and Beaver, the riffs are just spectacular. Again it’s this whole measured approach – just enough power from the music and from the vocals at the right time. The stand out track of the album and one which I really hope makes the set list on the tour.

‘While She Sleeps’ has a haunting guitar opening with develops and allows the power of the bass and drums to flood through whilst keeping it a bit on the sleazy side. Plus another strong lyric and measured vocal.

‘Ride To Nowhere’ is everything it should be for the title track, loads of guitars all feeding their way through, crashing drums, a classy arrangement with James voice delivering what we know he is capable of. Tempo changes, smooth tones and layers giving way to softness and clarity before being pummelled into submission by the hugeness again.

Closing with ‘ Glory Days’ a stunning acoustic ballad allowing James to show his range. The guitars are really beautiful, a calmness around the vocal, surrounding it, not flooded by it. Lyrically stunning again.

It is certainly different to the previous two but that is no bad thing, the heavier, darker feel, a progression in all areas, a musical journey. Hats off to all involved with this album, Kevin Shirley has yet again done a stunning job. Andreas Eriksson, Colin Parkinson, Drew Lowe, Phil Beaver and Nathan James have delivered a stellar album. Something to be proud of guys, a testament to the work put in over the years.

So let’s focus on the future, if this is the starting point for the new line-up then they have an absolutely blistering load of songs to show us what they can do. A platform for them to build and grow but for now, let us all just enjoy this album, it is immensely and insanely good.






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INGLORIOUS ‘Ride to Nowhere’ released on Frontiers 25th January 2019

Review by : Lindsay Smith-Boam


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