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Album Review :Quiet Riot – One night in Milan

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Finally Quiet Riot Fans around the world can rejoice in the fact that they have a up to date live document not just in audible format but also on DVD. Recorded obviously in Italy at the Frontiers rock festival in 2018. Featuring the powerhouse drummer and founder member “Frankie Banali” who has single handedly steered the Quiet Riot through the smooth times and the painful stormy times, keeping the memory of the much missed vocalist “Kevin DuBrow” fresh in our minds whilst moving forward with new material which fans of the band enjoy and appreciate.

The group now fronted by “James Durbin” the one time contestant on American Idol, also bassist “Chuck Wright” and guitarist “Alex Grossi”

After a spoken intro announcing to the gathered masses of the imminent arrival of the group “Durbin” lets off a shriek that was most probably heard in London such is the power of this fine young singer and then the thunder drums of one of the finest musicians to ever grace a Rock N Roll drum stool kicks in and you can see in a instant why the likes of W.A.S.P, Dokken, Faster Pussycat, Billy Idol have all wanted his signature,

“Run For Cover” is the perfect set opener with its frantic head down pace and if the crowd needed warming up then 30 seconds later its job done !! Alex Grossi peels the first of many riffs that adorn this song with the group sounding as tight as Frankies Snare drum, before we get time for a breather its straight into “Slick Black Cadillac” with its solid driving pace and some fine back up vocals, good time music with a nice change of pace midway through before the band all kick in again wonderful stuff indeed.

“Mama Were All Crazy Now” a song originally made famous by “Slade” way back in the 1970s and injected with fresh enthusiasm by Quiet Riot in 1984 this comes over so infectious live and you can here the crowd joining in and “Durbins” voice is so perfect for this version its no wonder its still in the live set all these years later.

“Whatever It Takes” from the” Down To The Bone” album with its groove based drum intro gets the song shuffling along and showcases a intricate side to the band with a shredding guitar solo and a chunky bass that underpins the whole track and added to that we get the damn right catchiest chorus ive heard in a long time, “Loves A Bitch”,”Condition Critical” and a great version of the lesser played “Terrified” all get an airing as does the glorious and timeless “Thunderbird” a beautiful piano led song that builds and builds to a climax where “Durbin” dedicates it to the memory of both “Randy Rhodes” and “Kevin DuBrow” which is a lovely touch and much appreciated by those in attendance.

Just to prove that its not just Motley Crue that can write the ultimate party song “Lets Get Crazy” will give any sunset strip band a run for their money in the feel good stakes with the vocals again deserving special mention, what a find and a asset “James Durbin” has turned out to be.

Not content with one Slade song the group decide to throw in another with “Cum On Feel The Noise” and a shredding guitar solo before crowd participation is required with a call and response that seems to have most the audience happily joining in.. The song decided to end the set just has to be the one and only “Bang Your Head” with a delayed start where the band are just doodling and quietly jamming its straight into what I consider one of the best anthems of all time and a song I grew up singing along to, and a fitting end to a worthy live release from one of the most important groups of their time. I am so looking forward to seeing the DVD of this concert and if the picture quality is as good as the sound quality then its going to be very good. Once again a big thank you to Frontiers for

getting behind the group and getting this out to the public. Also a big thank you to Frankie Banali for keeping the music alive and your fans happy.


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