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1977 was a very long time ago, in fact many readers were not even born when ROCK GODDESS first formed, I was a mere 10 years old and yet to fall in love with the rock n roll bug but by the time the bands self titled debut was released in February 1983 I was well and truly on a adventure to discover all these new up and coming rock/metal bands. Such was the impact that their first album had on me that its one of the few records that I have always revisited religiously over the past 35 years, Fast forward to 2019 and finally a much anticipated full album is upon us and after witnessing their triumphant live show at HRH Wales last yea,r hopes were high that this could be replicated into the studio recordings.

Just a point of interest all bass parts on this album were played by long term original member Tracey Lamb but since then has parted ways with the group and her place has been filled by the wonderful Jenny Lane

Opening the album is classic sounding GODDESS with the up tempo “ARE YOU READY ?” and the one thing that grabs my attention from the off, is the drums and the production, that has produced that vintage sound. With guitarist/vocalist Julie turner setting the bench mark for her razor sharp guitar and her spiteful vocals this is a take no prisoner opening.

“OBSESSION” with it s crunching funky riff and spooky haunting sounding vocals shows the other side to the group and although quiet a doom laden sounding track its possesses a story line and amazing guitar solo that completes this cracking sounding song’

“TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT” another fast but controlled track that proves what a ridiculously underrated vocalist Jody turner is and the years may have slipped away but the voice certainly has not, with some nice backing vocals and Julie Turner thumping away in her familiar style, this is a lovely flowing complete rock song I defy anyone not to enjoy this track. “FLYING TO SEE YOU” with more crushing riffs and its sludgy/ filthy sounding bass line, is one hell of a mean and moody moment on this album and what makes it work so well is the fact that you just get the impression that they really played this with a attitude to match

“THIS TIME” the title track with its gentle soothing moments fighting it out with the aggressive side of the group is so refreshing with a beautiful guitar solo and some nice double backing vocals is as near as the band has ever come to record a epic number and again they are such a compact sounding outfit whether its on stage or in a studio.”DRIVE ME AWAY” echoes the softer side of both the artist and the vocalist combined, with some soft melodies and gentle touches that slowly builds and builds from the stomach up into this venomous nasty killer of a tune The one element running through the entire length of the album is the contrast between the light and the shade moments with head down no respite one minute then just the most relaxing balladry that takes you to another place.. All in all a cracking return from this 3 piece and listening to this has made the years just roll away. Not only have they released some fine new songs but they have played the ace card by Jody Turner producing the album herself and replicating that classic sound that was so distinctive all those years ago , with the guitars and vocals all crisp and sharp and her sisters drum sound so accurate. So the big question is will I still be playing this album in 35 years time when I will be 87 and the answer is a resounding yes !! The nursing home will be rocking. In the meantime me along with many others would hope for a from the vaults release or try and get the second album “Hell Hath No Fury” re released or even some sort of live album because there really is not enough material out there from one of the best UK rock trios ever. So if you want a bit of classic British metal running through your veins then look no further than this release you wont be disappointed.

Review by Steve Bruty for metalplanetmusic

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