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Gig Review: INGLORIOUS Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London

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1st February 2019

After a turbulent few months, the new INGLORIOUS album has hit our ears and contains some epic tracks so how would these transfer in a live setting with a host of new band members to play them.


BLIND RIVER opened the evening to a room fairly low in numbers but with all the enthusiasm of playing to Wembley.  I have seen the band before but not playing acoustic.

A really enjoyable set and it is nice to hear their songs stripped back however these guys need to plug in – they were like caged tigers.  They sounded great though, great blues infused rock and roll, awesome job.


Local boys CITY OF THIEVES took to the stage as the room started to fill.  The London crowd obviously familiar with the band and they warmly greeted their arrival.  Again a band I had seen before and this time they had moved up a level with a powerful performance,  great riffage and skin smashing and a fine vocal but as when I saw them last time I think their sound needs more, it is good, please don’t get me wrong but I feel it lacks something, perhaps the addition of a rhythm guitar would allow the songs to be given the fullness they cry out for in my opinion.  Nevertheless, a really enjoyable set and it was great to see the band play again.

The tension in the room had built as the numbers of eager fans had gown, looking round at this magnificent venue, it was good to see so many people.  I had been a little worried that the change of line-up would impact ticket sales but I shouldn’t have even let the thought cross my mind.  Not heaving but certainly well full.


As INGLORIOUS rang out from the PA’s and smoke filled the stage, the anticipation was off the scale.

Smashing into ‘Where Are You Know’, the music flooded the room and sounded bang on.

At this point so early on I knew we were in for a good gig.

The look on the new band members faces was priceless as the first song finished, relief at getting that first one out the way or was it delight that the reception had been so warm but whatever it was they looked happy and settled into the set really well.

James never stopped smiling, giving himself over to the songs as he always does, nailing the vocal and hitting those high notes repeatedly and without flaw.

Danny Dela Cruz… oh my goodness, what a talent!  Breathing new life into the songs and having the confidence on stage that he has is just immense. As James reminded everyone, Danny is 19 years old and he is staggeringly good.  I did worry about him in that big coat he was wearing though, the mum in me surfaced and I was thinking that he wouldn’t be very warm when he went outside after wearing a bear on stage..

Anyway back to the music, faultless, charismatic, tight, but different, the new guys haven’t tried to copy the previous highly successful line up, they are themselves on stage and play as they want to.  James seemed genuinely happy with everything, smiling and appearing to be very relaxed.  I won’t give the whole setlist, you need to go and see the band on tour, it’s great and varied from all 3 albums but I will say that although I think that when a band has 3 albums out they don’t need to do a cover of anything I was delighted and astounded by the cover of  Alanis Morissettes ‘Uninvited’, one of my favourite songs and it allowed Nathan James to absolutely sing his heart out. Very special, very impressive.

James aid tribute to all the former members of Inglorious and seemed very genuine in this, a few off the cuff remarks during the night however could have been left at home as far as I’m concerned but it must have been a bitter sweet night for him and Phil Beaver, recording 3 good albums only to see people leave the ranks, to then play them all with 3 new members must have been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m sure difficult. Change can be good though. Move on everyone, this is the new Inglorious and I can’t wait to hear what they can come up with for the next album.

Appearing on the Balcony for the beginning of ‘Holy Water’ in the now familiar manner of singing and wandering through the crowd is now a must for James, always a nice touch which lets the fans sing along with him and connect.

Catch the band on tour, the new songs sound fabulous, the old songs sound fabulous, in fact the whole night was fabulous!

Review and Photos by Lindsay Smith-Boam

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