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Sunday night in Belfast and once again we are at the infamous Limelight for the arrival of American quintet Sleeping With Sirens once again on Irish shores. Tonight they bring with them two local bands from both North and South of the border to warm up the “Norn Irish” crowd.

Up first Derry / Londonderry all female trio Cherym, With their revolt rock vibe akin to the lovely Soap girls, they got stuck right in and banged out angst ridden songs one after another to set the tone for tonight’s show. Their drummer Alannagh Doherty who must have been a very naughty girl, was stuck stage right, in the dark. But fear not as she made her presence felt as she hammered those skins like her life depended on it. The two in the light, vocalist Hannah Richardson and Bassist Nyree Porter, kept things going whipping up the crowd to make their presence felt in front of the modest Belfast audience. A good start to the evening, Their latest release Super Queens is out now. Check them out https://www.facebook.com/cherymofficial/

Bitch Falcon

Things got a little more interesting when Dublin based band Bitch Falcon took to the stage. Female fronted once again they took proceedings to another level. Up front and centre Lizzie Fitzpatrick held her own with a huge charismatic persona that just-resonated form the stage. Gnarly riffs an huge sounding vocals made for an intriguing set, Lizzie’s stance and attitude enveloped the crowd as they bought into Bitch Falcon track after track. Huge roars off approval greeted the end of every song and this Irish Trio made their mark on a bloodthirsty Limelight crowd. You can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/b.tchfalcon/

Sleeping With Sirens

Tonights headliners are no strangers to Rock ‘N’ Load, we reviewed their Gossip album when released and the site exploded with interest from their fans, so we were looking forward to catching the guys in the raw to see how their recordings translated to the live stage. As were the screaming teens down below who had crammed themselves up against the barrier for a closer look.

Bang ! Music starts and an explosion of confetti fires out over the crowd as the guys launch into ‘Do It Now’ and the place goes wild. From front to back the room is bouncing and the energy levels just spiked. Hitting the ground running and playing with a vengeance SWS illuminate the room as their boundless energy just lifts all in front of them. These guys like to make the stage their own, with no monitors in front they can enjoy every inch from front to back, left to right as they interchange with each other interacting with their devoted fans down below.

The guys throw in an acoustic set inbetween to keep their screaming legions happy as per their ‘Live & Acoustic From NYC’ EP which we covered, and for

good measure a cover version of The Goo Goo Doll’s ‘Iris’ mixed things up before they unleashed unholy hell once again on the Belfast crowd.

The fans got all their favorite tracks thrown at them in abundance and they gobbled them up one after another, a great nights music, huge energy in the room and a good time had by all. It was great to catch SWS live and in the flesh, they did not disappoint. Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/sleepingwithsirens/

You can check out our Gossip Review here: https://rocknloadmag.com/album-review/sleeping-sirens-gossip-album-review/

Set List:

Intro / Do It Now

Here We Go

Empire To Ashes


Better Off Dead

Intro / We Like It Loud

Jack / Gabe Intro Go Go Go

Acoustic Set



James Dean

Can’t Hang

Kick Me

Review by Mark Mcgrogan: rocknloadmag.com

Photography : Darren Mcveigh :metalplanetmusic

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