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Gig Review : The Toi / Gin Annie @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

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After a long absence The Toi return to the stage in their hometown supported by the brilliant Gin Annie and Glasgow virgins Statement DK.

Hard Rockers Statement DK were completely new to me. The venue was still filling up as they took to the stage so things could have went a bit stale and quiet as people went to the bar or caught up with friends but this band was having none of that. For one they drowned out any conversation and secondly the songs grabbed you immediately.

They kicked things off with “Feeling Scared” and you instantly feel that old school vibe but mixed with a huge chunk of fun. With singer Jannick Brochdorf’s gruff vocals and the dual guitars of Lars and Niels shredding like Priest I was in heaven.

I started my musical journey in 1980 and grew up with the NWoBHM movement and these boys are as good as the names long gone and the ones still at the top of their game. There is a definite homage and with tracks like “New Beginning” and “A Hero Inside” our asses were rocked off. You can also hear the hint of their much heavier roots which becomes quite clear as they take the song “California Dreaming” and metal the fuck out of the tune. The Mamas and Papas song is hardly recognisable and this version would never have found its way onto the Forrest Gump soundtrack but I loved it. The shred off is brilliant as well.

The band members kept leaving the small stage and going walkabout and on the song “Dropzone” they had the gathered crowd singing in top form…I even ended up on the mic at one point. This was a brilliant start to the night and a great introduction to the band. Lets hope they make it over here again before Brexit closes the UK down.

I have no qualms in confirming the reason I was here tonight was for Gin Annie. I saw them support Graham Bonnet last year and was blown away so I was really looking forward to seeing them again.

With debut EP 100% only released late last month it has not given us a chance to get 100% into the album but with a brilliant gig under the belt up here and a good few spins of the EP I am ready to go…as are the band as they jump straight into the excellent “New Bad Habit” and the tone is set for the night. I am already standing there with my naughty nun t-shirt so let’s have it guys.

The melodic rockers go straight into “All I Want” and the locals are heaving with the chugging riff. There is a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and there are plenty of winks and tip of the heads from the band but they are not deflected from the job in hand and as the band rock out singer and birthday boy David Foster packs a vocal punch the belays his size.

As “Damage” bursts from the PA it is easy to see why these boys are pushing hard in the NWoCR scene that is grabbing the UK at the moment. They have all the boxes ticked to take this thing they do so well to the next level. They are as tight as hell and a damned nice bunch to boot.

The proceedings are interrupted as David is presented with a slightly worrying penis birthday cake with a bit too much detail in edible pubes, scrotum and semen…..now enough of this malarky and onto the night job.

We go a bit southern with “Chains” but it is a cracking slice of rock and does remind me a bit of manager Peter Keevil’s previous stable band in Stone Broken. Peter done an excellent job for the band and I fully suspect that the same fate is awaiting Gin Annie.

They finish on “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll” and there is no better track to tie the band too as it says what they do and is a cracking song…the journey for these boys is just starting.

I have to admit to letting The Toi pass me by first time around. The three piece were solid after the absence and it was evident from the crowd that a lot of people were glad to see them back. Their brand of melodic rock is a bit middle of the road for my tastes but personal choices from me haven’t held other bands back.

There is definitely a market for these boys and well done to Shock City for getting the boys back on the stage. Keep plugging them and I am sure they will be happy to prove me wrong but as a Glasgow talent I wish them well and no doubt our paths will cross again.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

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