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Album Review: LITTLE DOVE Proves Upcoming EP Is Far From Hollow

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LITTLE DOVE is not immediately a name to associate with any kind of rock but, my goodness, the upcoming EP solidifies in one fell swoop that Vanja, Matt, David and Fernando are a tour de force for rock.

NOTE: Not all the songs we got to hear will be on the actual EP. Maybe 7 of the 11 songs provided for review will be on it (and we shed a little tear for you that it may be longer for you to wait to hear all 11 songs – but it will be worth it) 

Hollow” is an incredible introduction to the world of LITTLE DOVE. With a wonderful fast paced punk energy Vanja’s slightly echoy distorted vocals perfectly warble through the track. It is immediately catchy, tub thumping and fast.

Eyes” is up next with a keeps the tub thumping going with a beautiful anthemic style, Vanja’s immediately distinctive voice has a real powerful energy about it. The rhythm, riffs and chugging bass is a thing of beauty. Distinctively catchy it has such a wonderful way with it.

Next up is “Demons” shows the band is tight and professional producing an incredible bluesy punk rock sound. This is a “put on Repeat” track.

Misery” was the first single from the upcoming EP and is a beautiful exemplar of what LITTLE DOVE is. Chugging riffage with that now expected punk energy wrapped up in a catchy rhythm. Fantastic.

Enemy” is an infectious track that you just won’t be able to stay still to. It is just a wonderful track that just steamrolls at a perfect pace. 

Really punk rocking it up is “Fool” that is reminiscent of THE WHITE STRIPES and a thing of beauty it is too.

The tempo is slowed slightly for the wispy “When The War Comes”, a definite anthemic ballad that will have you raising a lighter in the air before you realise it. Even in the shower. It is beautiful. End of.

With just a tiny hint of DEEP PURPLE and psychedelia, “Had Enough” is a rumbling and rolling track that is held together by almost tribal drum rhythms, harmony led choral vocals and a sweet JETHRO TULL flute warbling its way throughout. This can only be described as a sweet hippy punk rock song with an ethereal melancholic quality. Superb.

Cut Cut Kill” just oozes a gorgeous full James Bond feel. This could easily be the next Bond’s theme song. It is silky smooth, sugary, and deadly.

Last but not least is “Liar”, a track with a slow rhythm but still bursting with a punk rock energy, almost repressed with a Morricone sound to Vanja’s vocals, perfect for a modern spaghetti Western.

Overall, LITTLE DOVE have produced something that has been missing for a while, a quirky solid rocking sound that is infused with a punk energy that will have you rocking your body, banging your head and shaking your money maker. It is a perfect balance of energetic punk rock, popish infectious beats and rhythm, and a driving bass and drum sound with superb solos all wrapped up in a delightful bow of Vanja’s vocals. The whole album has a refreshing fuzzy, grunged up punk rock sound that is an absolute delight to your ears.

This is a fantastic high octane EP and is a must buy. LITTLE DOVE is definitely a band to watch out for and it can only be imagined that their live shows must be spot on the money. To hear any of these tracks live will be a privilege

You have to buy this EP. That is all.

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