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Album Review: Turn Up The Volume For THE TREATMENT New Album “Power Crazy”

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British hard rock is alive and well and they are smashing out a new album.  POWER CRAZY is THE TREATMENT’s fourth album and the first to feature their new singer Tom Rampton.  A blues rich hard rock voice with echoes of Bon Scott gives the songs a real edge and some serious depth.  

The Treatment ‘POWER CRAZY’ album is out on 22nd March 2019 on Frontiers Srl.

Opening the album as they mean to go on with ‘Let’s Get Dirty’, immediately we are treated to classic rock and roll riffs, a killer melody and catchy chorus.  Hotly followed by ‘Rising Power’ full of snarling riffs and a booming bassline with key changes and barely a pause for breath – it’s fast paced with a killer soaring guitar solo blazing through.  Bloody love it.

‘On The Money’ all the winning formulas of old school rock, an ear worming riff running throughout, each song up to now has been a blistering assortment of riffs and pace.  It’s a feel-good track, one for the car, turn it up and play it loud.  ‘Bite Back’ there’s no nonsense, straight into the hard and heavy drumming and riffs.  A huge chanting chorus on this one, one that I can imagine being a fan favourite.

‘Luck Of The Draw’ you have to love the drumming on this more bluesy feeling track, slogging with some swing.  Blues rich vocals, it is very reminiscent of a certain AC/DC song but it doesn’t feel like they are emulating them.  ‘Hang Them High’ brings back the higher tempo continuing in a similar way to the other tracks with sing along chorus and smoking hot riffage.

‘Scar With Her Name’ great lyrics, another great melody and ‘King Of The City’ crashing cymbals, dirty riffs, it’s a huge loud opening before the music really kicks in.  There’s a heavier feel to this one adding to the variety of the vibes within the album. I like the aggression and attitude that blasts its way through.  ‘Waiting For The Call’ has a drum intro then the bluesy vocals are back, full of swagger and arrogance.

‘Laying It Down’ – big guitars, big drums, big vocal, packed full of sing along lyrics and gorgeous filthy riffs. Another song with buckets of attitude.  With ‘The Fighting Song’ its back to the down and dirty blues rock.  Packed with heavy riffs and marvellous melody which echoes around your brain, so many things that’s good with this one and ‘Falling Down’ carries that on. 

 It feels like everyone had a ball making this album, love the vocals, love the riffs, the solos, the melodies, everything…just a fabulous album.  Put it on and turn it up!

Review by Lindsay Smith-Boam

So good an album it was reviewed TWICE!! Read the other review (THE TREATMENT Go “Power Crazy” With Their New Album) here

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