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Gig Review :HRH AOR DAY 3 Prestatyn

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With the previous days entertainment still fresh in everyone.s hungover windswept minds.it was on with the action for day 3 and what better way than for me to kick start proceedings than to gather my senses and head over to the main stage and grab a earful of one of Sweden’s finest rock acts of the last 30 years.  


Taking the bull by the horns ELECTRIC BOYS open the set with the song “Hangover In Hanover” which is a great introduction to the show and takes a few people by surprise as its the opening song from their new album which many people would not have brought yet. With its breakneck speed and fuelled up attitude its no wonder the multi coloured dressed vocalist “CONNY BLOOM” is working extra hard to get the crowd singing along to the simple but catchy chorus.

The group soon settle down into familiar territory with one of their breakthrough hits “Groovus Maximus” a song that is met with a huge roar and a even bigger crowd response with the packed arena singing away and knowing every word, The acoustic strum of BOB MARLEYS “No Woman No Cry” soon morphs into the psychedelic “Mary In The Mystery World” with plenty of frantic drum work that has me open mouthed and wishing I was that good. With so many different styles the band is willing to try from the swagger of “Electrified” to the balls out “Knee Deep In You” to the balladry of “Gone Gone Gone” its no wonder everyone was being kept on their toes.

Another stand out moment from the new album is “You Speak My Heart” and once again the group are not afraid to mix old with new and it fit perfectly into this high octane live set. Rounding things off perfectly is the sure fire crowd pleaser “All Lips And Hips” that has not dated since its release in 1989. Not many bands can boast such a tight on stage unit as what THE ELECTRIC BOYS display, with CONNY BLOOM they have a fantastic vocalist and his stage manner is top drawer  


One band I had no intention of missing over on the smaller stage 2 was the LAST GREAT DREAMERS, this fun filled four piece sure know how to put on a live show and once again they never disappointed the few hundred people gathered in front of the stage. With all four members decked out in matching fancy bowler hats, and with a sound that replicates 1970s Marc Bolan mixed with a bit of Green Day it was a set that had a little bit of everything including a brilliant guitar battle with just the drums and bass keeping the whole thing ticking over while Marc Valentine/ vocals,guitar and Slyder/ guitar messed about and I am sure they just made it up as they went along!!

“White Light” ( Black Heart) with its punky attitude has the various band members twirling and swirling all over the stage and made for compulsive viewing. ”Miles away” from the last album was another nice addition to the set and once again showed why the LAST GREAT DREAMERS are building up a large following as they are way to good a studio/live band to be hanging around in the shadows any more.  


LA has finally arrived in North Wales, PRETTY BOY FLOYD do not give a shit and they had decided they were going to make a splash in Prestatyn and a splash they certainly made. Led from the front by the charismatic “Steve Summers” who not only is a class singer but also a class comedian and showman. After forming in 1987 and having a somewhat successful career, it was a no brainer to add them to this years bill because the fan base in the UK has always stayed loyal to this brilliant and entertaining band from over the pond. 

From the off its fair to say that “Steve Summers” had enjoyed a drink throughout the day in fact he had enjoyed it so much he was still swigging through a bottle throughout the show, what better way to open events than with a one/two of “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz” and the huge “Rock N Roll Outlaws” with the remaining band mates all keeping a close eye on Mr Summers and his antics.controlling a stage is difficult at the best of times but to put on a performance like they did under the drunken circumstances was nothing short of a miracle with guitarist “D J Ashes” deserving special mention for peeling off riff after riff without missing a note.

The set list made me realise just how much killer material this outfit has released over the years with tracks such as “48 Hrs” and the impressive “Feel The Heat” coming to life in the live arena. When it comes to MTV rock ballads “I Wanna Be With You” takes some beating and drink or no drink the vocals on the stage was just top drawer. “Rock N Roll Is Gonna Set The World On Fire” got the arena moving and jumping with its sleazy attitude and crunching pace with it looking like chaos on stage.

Certain people were beginning to heckle at “Steve Summers” non stop talking between songs and his ramblings about how all the original LA glam bands just don’t do it any more, personally I found it funny and entertaining but I can fully understand why the gig goers who paid good cash and wanted to hear music as opposed to a comedy act. Finishing the set off in typical frantic style was a insane cover of MOTLEY CRUE’S “Live Wire”. Easily one of the best performances of the whole weekend along with “WAYWARD SONS” and “UFO” Pretty Boy Floyd came and conquered.  


There is no Musician or gentleman I admire more than Ted Poley, from his days with “DANGER DANGER” or “TOKYO MOTOR FIST” and his fine body of solo work he deserves his spot as Saturday night headiner but from the opening chords of “Lets Start Something” I found the whole event just flat. Whether it was because just 25 minutes earlier “Pretty Boy Floyd” had tore the place to shreds I just don’t know.

Ted Poley was pulling out all the big numbers such as “Crazy Nights” “Under The Gun” “Bang Bang” “Monkey Business” and the brilliant “I Still Think About You” with his trademark blonde hair and his infectious smile he was doing what he does best not just playing the crowd and spending most of the show in the crowd. He still hasn’t lost his great sense of humour as he got the group to do a quick blast of death metal which was actually very good if that’s your sort of thing.

He also announced his planned retirement in 3 years time from the stage and also got “MIDNIGHT CITY” up on stage to help out with the previously mentioned “Monkey Business”. He put on an incredible show to a packed audience. 

 Review by Steve Bruty for Metal Planet Music                                                    

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