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Gig Review : Sari Schorr @ Oran Mor, Glasgow

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Sari Schorr returns to Glasgow just three weeks after a barnstorming support slot for King King and we were all treated to an extra special appearance this evening.

One of the most bizarre(to me) comments I get from non gig going friends is why do you go and see bands again and again and if I could explain it with just two words Sari Schorr epitomises exactly why I do this. Never mind just three weeks ago I would happily watch this woman perform every week.

She always brings her A game and she always entertains, so much so tonight is the fifth time I have seen her in under two years and as with every other show I have witnessed she mesmerises. Tonight is where I prefer the show, a much more intimate venue where you are guaranteed excellent sound and you can get up close and personal.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRdzCAYt89Y&w=560&h=315]

The band take to the stage first and these well known faces plug in, tune up and await the lady herself who walks on with a huge smile and goes straight into “New Revolution” from the excellent album “Never Say Never”. With all the Brexit chaos this song should be a call to arms to take back control (sarcasm intended).

Next up is for me her best song in “Damn The Reason”. It encapsulates everything about the woman. Its slow, sultry blues feel creeps under your skin and ends up living in your heart. This is followed up by my favorite track from her latest release in “King of Rock and Roll”. Again it is slow, it slithers and it shows how Sari has taken a grip with her new version of the blues. When you add the magical touch of Ash Wilson you have a little touch of genius.

Sari was introduced to many people via a certain cover(which we will hear later) but she also has the inclusion of two others tonight in “Ready For love” and “I just Wanna Make Love” which was where the surprise of the night happened. King King’s supremo Mr Alan “knees” Nimmo was in the house tonight and in what we were informed was definitely not staged( the verdict is out on that one) the local hero took to the stage, was handed Ash’s beautiful guitar(without even a flinch) and proceeded to wow everyone here. This was the first time I have seen this cover performed and I loved it and Alan was spot on at the front of that stage and it made for a very special memory.

As Alan left the stage I was putting my camera away and as I listened to Sari I knew something special and very personal was happening. At a request from a very good friend Sari was dedicating her song “Kiss Me” to myself and my beautiful partner. We have followed Sari around the venues together in this city and managed to speak to her every time and that is where the amazing connection began. It is when you speak to the woman you really get a feel to the very special woman she is, she is a truly selfless and loving soul.

After she dedicates the song to us in only the way she can the girl crush kicks in and I am suddenly on the outskirts of the show( didn’t get a look in till the two got a photo together and I had to drag my good lady away). The blues bliss keeps on rolling and as I watch Sari Perform “Black Betty” as only she can I get a bit disheartened by the turnout here tonight but It is seeing Alan Nimmo that puts things into perspective. I watched King King and The Nimmo Brothers before they started gathering more awards than Man United in their heyday. I saw them in dingy pubs and just Like Sari I could not believe the talent I was witnessing in such small halls but as with King King I know it will come. This woman will gather all the awards and will go from strength to strength and will shake the blues world to its core. If you have not seen this woman perform live yet please make sure you do. Her remaining dates on this tour are below…I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

March 24th – Poppodium Iduna, Drachten, Netherlands
March 26th – Museumskeller, Erfurt, Germany
March 28th – Club Bastion, Kirchheim Unter Teck, Germany
Marcgh 29th – Kammgarn Kulturwerkstatt, Hard, Austria
March 30th – Ducsaal, Freudenburg, Germany
April 2nd – The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, UK
April 3rd – Heartbreakers, Southampton, UK
April 6th – The Iron Road, Pershore, UK
April 7th – The Hawth, Crawley, UK
April 10th – The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
April 11th – The Live Rooms, Chester, UK
Aptil 12th – New Crawdaddy Club, Basildon, UK

Images and words Ritchie Birnie : original post at Jacemedia

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