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Gig Review :The Temperance Movement @ 02 Academy,Glasgow

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The Temperance Movement may have been the support band tonight but they left that stage and the night as kings of Glasgow.

I did think being added as Blue oyster Cult’s support for the tour was a strange one but I take it this must have been in part to attract TTM fans and as this is singer Phil’s hometown you are guaranteed for a huge turnout. The place was filled with band T-shirts and to be honest a fair few people left straight after their set.

The boys went straight in for the kill with “Only Friend”, with this being my favourite track it is a brilliant way to start the show and it will get the ones who have never heard of TTM to take notice and probably a bit of sly dancing in the dark.

The set tonight is way too short but I will take whatever I can get from these guys and we go back to the latest release for next song “Caught in the Middle”. It is hard to believe this album is now a year old. I remember my first listen and I stated in my review that it was the album to break them.

Tonight is not about best shows or best songs as with the short set you would just get disappointed that something gets left out so this is just down to fun, Phil is treating it like that anyway, he always does. He may have came on with a velvet jacket but with a couple of songs finished he is already sweating, that dancing sure takes it out you so he takes off his jacket and shoes(they must have been too restrictive) and gets down to business.

He now stands before us in a vest and he looks to have lost a good bit of weight which is worrying as there was nothing to him before but with the amount of touring they do and the amount of calories he burns it is no surprise.

Before we get to another old favourite in “Take it Back”, Phil takes in the crowd and the venue and with a huge smile he proclaims we have never played this hall before but he did see Black Crowes in here…way up in the rafters.

I just tot up all the venues I have seen TTM in and think on the steady journey they have been on in this city the last five years. Each show the venues have grown and the performances have just gotten better. This band are as professional as any out there and I suspect they would have sold a hell of a lot of tickets if this was their own show.

The band slip into a beautiful rendition on “A Deeper Cut”, one of the reasons why the new album had such an impact on me. The change from the band may have been slight but it is more mellow and the sound is bigger and better than before.

The boys bow out on a killer version of “Built in Forgetter” and like a puff of smoke they are gone and I have another memory stored away. Tonight was not their acoustic show in the Oran Mor, it was not the sold out Barrowland show but it was a band in full swing who will win anyone over from just one show.

The Glasgow crowd loves this band and I am sure there will be even more fans on their next headline show…I just wonder what venue it will be.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie. First published at Jace Media

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