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The Ronains Album Launch @ The Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

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When a band sell out their debut album launch party and have to book a second night which also sells out you know this is a special band. Luckily Jace Media were there to witness their brilliance.

I recently reviewed The Ronains debut album “Love, Drugs and on the Dole” and was instantly won over but as much as it is a fantastic album I always have a niggle at the back of my head that cannot be scratched until I see a band live.

I got stung many times in the 80s when hair metal bands were signed up on looks, put out a decent album and completely sucked live so from that day all judgment has been held back until the first gig, tonight was my first live taste of The Ronains and it was like a five star gourmet meal.

Although ultimately it is the music that matters to me I do love a concept, a sense of humour, sarcasm and songs that tell a story and this is where The Ronains shine. Name a band today that steps out with a concept album as a debut, name a band today that takes on the disastrous world around us and puts it all into context however bleak it is.

There are so many reasons this band from Clydebank have everything going for them, they have Gordy Goudie of Simple Minds fame in their corner, They have the incredible voice of Debi Ronain, the powerhouse on drums of her sister Linzi, the outstanding songwriting ability of Jim Reid and a guitar player of extreme talent in Shaun Scott. When you look at all the positives their only downfall can be themselves and having now seen them on stage I do not think that will happen.

As I said this show is sold out, the crowd is completely buzzing and the punters are bedecked in Teresa May talks pish and Piers Morgan is a baw bag t-shirts. The sight is one of beauty but as the time nears for the start of the show and a strange Scottish pirate introduces the band a load of kids in anonymous masks take to the front of the stage with banners…an ideal way to kick things off.

Linzi opens the beat to “Vampyre” and I instantly fell in love with Debi’s voice, this blues/pop number is beautiful. When the slighlty Ska intro of “Prescription Blues” starts I am in heaven as this is my favourite from the album but to see and hear Debi loose of the studio confines the songs soars. This is classic blues songwriting, making such a depressive subject into a work of art.

I have seen some video clips of the band playing “Take it Back” online but it does not do this mash up justice. As Debi starts singing our national anthem and the band rock it up and slide into their own music it is brilliant and what a way to introduce new fans to your music. The band are very visible on the Scottish Independence scene ad I love how they have stitched the pride of Scotland into their very being. An amazing slice of marketing.

As “Who The Fuck are The Ronains” starts I am chuckling away to myself. I have a terrible habit of taking everything in when I watch a gig and with the amount of bairns here tonight I was wondering how the profanities would go down. By this time most of the parents have had a little drink so the kids are getting wise. They are watching the parents to see if they will get away with singing the “Who the fuck” chant in he middle of the song, unfortunately some kids got busted.

As with most launch shows there is usually some covers thrown in to fill out the set but The band’s renditions of “House of the Rising Sun” and “Whole Lotta Love” was absolutely stirring. The band rocked those tracks like bosses and Debi…was Debi and nailed those to perfection.

There was a real feel of family tonight with the band members waving to family and friends from start to finish and from behind me there seemed to be an almost palpable feel of pride from the crowd gathered. I realise there are people who have been with this band for the last two years and even longer with the previous incarnation. There is a lot of love, hope and expectation in this room but I will lay a bet now that every person will be paid tenfold.

The songs from the album were everything and more that I expected. “US MarinCorps” was something else live as was the closing songs in “Everybody’s leaving” and “Homeless Affair” but a real eye opener was the inclusion of “In my Blood” as you could feel those lyrics pour from that beautiful voice.

Tonight was a very special evening, I witnessed effortless brilliance and a band that holds the whole world in their hands. Mark my words…The Ronains are going to be huge.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

First published on Jace Media.

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