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Album Review :HOLLOWSTAR

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These four lads from Cambridge burst upon the music scene in 2015 and since then through intensive touring they have amassed a huge fan base and are getting their music played all over. In 2017 they released an ep “Some Things Matter”, and late last year they announced they were in the process of getting a debut album together. The band are Joe Bonson lead vocals and bass, his brother Jack on drums, and Phil Haines and Tom Collett on guitars and on backing vocals.

Well there’s no need to wait any longer people for here it is: ten tracks of rock blues, power metal, and just in your face rock n roll.

1. TAKE IT ALL. A cool riff intro before Joe’s impressive voice comes, in, from then on it just gets better and better, the riffs get faster and the tempo just goes up and up.

2. LET YOU DOWN. A slightly slower track with nice work from the brothers in the rhythm section and also a good guitar solo, it does sound to me though that Joe is singing lay you down.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhTl-3c-8I8&w=560&h=315]

3. INVINCIBLE. Another infectious riff runs right through this, it’s the kind of song at a live gig that will get you singing along, the middle eight guitar work from both the lads is very impressive and once again Joe’s voice is strong and melodic.

4. THINK OF ME. Anytime I have reviewed this band I have always compared Joe’s voice to early Paul Rodgers, none more so than on this laid back number where you can hear the influence of Free and Bad Company even its not deliberate, I loved this! It took me back to the music I grew up with.

5. MONEY. This is the track where the guitars take over: riffs a plenty, a little Black Stone Cheery vibe, I get from this.

6. ALL I GOTTA SAY. Fans will recognise this as it was released as a single last year. Starting off with a country blues feel, it soon turns into a heavy rock sing along.

7.  GOOD MAN GONE. My favourite track on the album old school rock, with terrific work from the rhythm section of the brothers Bonson, their perfect chemistry drives this hard and heavy number, and the dual guitars really show their technical ability on this.

8. OVERRATED. Back to blues rock and another bass and drum driven song; Joe’s soulful vocal soaring to a high pitch roar a nice live hand clapping number.

9. DOWN BY THE WATER. Yet again the Bonson brothers display their excellent work together, driving this powerful number along where the main guitars take a bit of a back seat.

10. SINNER. The final track on the album and another country blues vibe to this, also some hard and heavy impressive drumming from Jack and a lovely guitar outro.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47mowD7lhDg&w=560&h=315]

This is a really well produced album and should be in any rock lovers’ collection… and this is just a taster of Hollowstar, the testament to this band is they don’t only play great rock n roll they can do it live bigger and better, they have an enthusiasm and energy on stage that has to be seen.

The album is released on the 3rd MAY.

Review by Dave Martin for Jace Media


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