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VANDEN PLAS – ‘The Epic Works 1991-2015’ : box set collection from German prog metal masters out 12.07.19 (Frontiers)

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Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of ‘The Epic Works 1991-2015’, a stunning box set collection from Vanden Plas, the German masters of progressive metal. It contains eight studio albums, an EP, a live recording and a bonus disc entitled ‘Bonus Treasures’ that consists of unreleased, bonus, rare and demo tracks. The full list of titles included is:
1 Colour Temple
2 AcCult
3 The God Thing
4 Far Off Grace
5 Spirit of Live
6 Beyond Daylight
7 Christ 0
8 The Seraphic Clockwork
9 Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld [Path One]
10 Chronicles Of The Immortals (Netherworld II)
11  Bonus Treasures (Physical Edition Only) : see tracklisting below
A strictly limited edition of 1500 copies worldwide, this box set also includes a booklet with notes written by Stefan Glas (Rock Hard, Underground Empire magazines) and Marco Magin (Breakout magazine), plus never-before-seen pictures and band notes for each album.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFyxLlKQ5pM&w=560&h=315]
Frontiers will also make a selection of releases available on vinyl for the first time on 2xLP gatefold 180g coloured vinyl, including ‘Colour Temple’, ‘The God Thing’, ‘Far Off Grace’, ‘Beyond Daylight’ and ‘Christ 0’. Collectors beware – these will be manufactured in very short runs and then discontinued.
“We are very proud of this box set, which contains the demos, singles and studio albums we released during this period,” says guitarist Stephan Lill. “Lots of time was spent gathering these releases, covering almost 25 years, into a very nice package with a detailed band history, lots of pictures with our fans and us together, and much more. For us, and I think for our fans too, it is very exciting to follow our musical development from the melodic power rock style we played at the beginning of our career to the
progressive metal we are known for today. Eight studio albums, a live release, an acoustic release, plus a collection of all the bonus tracks we did during this period are on display here. The bonus track collection showcases the other side of Vanden Plas: acoustic versions of songs of our own, covers of influences like Dokken or Kansas and special treats like a cut from our rock opera ‘Ludus Danielis’ or the song we wrote for our favourite soccer club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It almost seems a bit unreal when
you see all these releases together, considering the fact that at the same time all the band members were engaged in theatre productions such as ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ or ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and that we also wrote five rock operas which were performed in several German theatres. I hope our fans will enjoy this musical journey as much as we did and still do.”
For over two decades, Vanden Plas have been flag bearers for intelligent, intense, progressive metal. From their debut album, ‘Colour Temple’, right up to the recent saga, ‘Chronicles Of The Immortals’, (which saw them collaborate with bestselling author Wolfgang Hohlbein), the band have consistently wowed the progressive metal world with their amazing music.
This set is an unmissable occasion to get to know in-depth the abilities and art of one of progressive metal’s greatest bands.
1 Kiss Of Death
2 Point Of Know Return
3 Gethsemane
4 Shape Of My Heart
5 Combien De Larmes (How Many Tears – French Version)
6 Raining In My Heart
7 Godmaker (Acoustic Radio Version)
8 Days Of Thunder
9 Fire
10 Ridin’ The Wind
11 Eleyson
12 Das Ist Für Euch
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