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Gig Review :The Rising Souls at La Belle Angele Edinburgh 31-5-19

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Here we are at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele venue for The Rising Souls first hometown headline show in a year, sold out as well. The place is already packed before Bathgate/Glasgow band Jack Rabbit Slams comes on opening up with their forthcoming new single “Crackerjack” which is out in a couple of weeks. There will be an accompanying official video for this full on Queens of the Stone Age style track, a blistering start to their set with Rob in full flow on guitar/vocals, Archie bouncing about on bass and Sean killing it in drums are the rear. We “Pucker Up” next from their Cheap ‘n’ Nasty EP as the guitar starts up before the drums and the bass kick in before Rob’s vocals sweep us along with a great rock track which reminds me a touch of Australia’s The Screaming Jets with his vocal delivery. A couple of new tracks tonight in the form of “Everybody Wants To Know My Game” & “Come ‘n” Go”, we also get the bass heavy “Millionaire” which may have been my fave off their set again with that thumping QOTSA vibe, great track. All the tracks from the boys set will all be on their forthcoming debut album due out later this year, the band had a great vibe, great tracks and they moved all the time which made them a joy to watch and listen too. If you get the chance go check the boys out live and their EP is on Spotify for a wee listen.


Up next Bathgate two piece band PYRO with Cameron on guitar/vocals & Connor on drums/vocals, they open with  “Too Far Gone” and you can hear hints of Royal Blood meets Biffy Clyro a great indie rock feel with this track. The boys keep up the pace with “New Mother” along with new tracks “Islands” & “Shadows”. For two young lads the boys have a great polished sound and stage presence which bodes well for the future as we head into new single “Tear Me Down” with its more modern polished sound definitely hints of Biffy on this one with some fabulous vocals and superb guitar work. The band end a short but really enjoyable set with the rockier “Regret or Forget” with vocal nods to Placebo, possibly my fav from their set, the boys close with the bouncy rocker  “Don’t Hold Back”. I really enjoyed the guitar work tonight from Cameron and drums from Connor, if the boys keep it going I can see them headlining on their own easily. If you like your two piece bands and I do, go see the boys live and give their music a listen on the usual streaming sites and even buy a copy or two.


The main event now with The Rising Souls and new lad Ciaran Hanratty on guitar, the band have not played at home for about a year now and a full sold out hot sweating venue gives them a great homecoming cheer as they take to the stage. The boys have been mentioned in with Soundgarden, Rival Sons, Black Crowes, Queens Of The Stone Age as regards their sound, but they have a sound all their own with just one of the best vocalists out there in Dave Archibald with his powerful vocals and stage presence. I’ve seen the boys a couple of times acoustic but this is the first time electric for me and it’s a jaw dropping moment when the first cords of opener “Roulette, Roulette” kick in. Those heavy guitar riffs from Cairan and heavy pounding bass & drums from Kelso & Reese give way to the killer vocals of Dave which just have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, a stunning start to the set. We get it all tonight, the full on, the acoustic out, the new songs and I’m thinking how have I not seen the boys electric until now. The slower paced “Walk On” would not be out of place sung by Free such is the soulful sounding vocals dripping out of Dave’s mouth that I doubt even Paul Rodgers could do a better job, definitely a highlight for me tonight. The boys tear through “ Who Are You”, “I’m Coming” & the stunning “Don’t Give Up” before they “Set Me Free” and they sure did tonight, the track has a distinctly Pulp Fiction vibe to it, the guitar along with the chorus sung by Dave is just mesmerising, stunning song with Reese keeping it all in time at the rear.   The haunting sounds of “Strung Up” with Ciaran and Dave just in total mournful   harmony followed by “Oh No” lead us nicely into the acoustic monster that is “Escape” and stunning is the only thing that comes to mind with the rhythm set by Reese & Kelso with Ciaran flicking in and out with those haunting notes, just wow. The boys play a few more before heading off to come back on with their encore “Tame Me”, given tonight’s performance I doubt this is a band getting tamed any time soon, in fact they are more likely to break out big time. This was a stunning performance by a band not even at the top of their game yet, the addition of Ciaran just has lifted the sound of the band with the way he plays. I expect this band to be massive, they have it all, the sound, the players, the songs and the voice that is Dave Archibald.

Gary Cooper Reviewer/Photographer

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