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Album Review: JAILBIRDS Can’t Be Held Back With “The Great Escape”

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Dublin based Irish/Australian rockers, JAILBIRDS have just released their highly anticipated debt album, The Great Escape, out now via Golden Robot Records.

But is it worth picking up?

Hell, yes it is!! What a stonker of an album to unleash upon the world.


The Great Escape” kicks of the album with gusto and a vague western cowboy feel before it blasts right in to give you an uncontrollable need to have a shattering headbanging session. Hard hitting fast and energetic hard rock blues without compromise.

Loose Cannon” hits the hard rock blues button from the get go with bluesy riffs and a hypnotic rhythm. Aggressive blues rock at its best.

Nothing good lasts forever” swings in with a beautiful rolling rhythm that will just swoop you up before it drops you in a very modern sounding evolution of rock. It swings from a European rock style back to basic hard rock blues. The guitar solos fit perfectly into the overall feel of the song.

Shadow of Love” brings you back to the classic blues feel of rock as it chugs along, you’ll find your foot tapping and your head nodding without realising it. It has a wonderful slow tempo that suits the pure southern bluesy sound.

Thrill of the Chase” is the new single and is a fantastic exemplar of what Jailbirds can do. It is catchy, hard and fast blues rock that will just bring down any venue they play in. It has such an amalgam of rock bands we are familiar with, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin with the guitars, drums and vocals. They make this their own sound but feels it references those who have come before. It is a cracking track.

Underdog” has a real old school slow bluesy AC/DC vibe about it, and it is fantastic. The riffage is mighty and the rhythm is so catchy. This is one definitely that will have the whole crowd singing along when played live.

Fight or Flight” is a song that oozes old style rhythm and blues rock that just hits your metal soul with an uncontrollable urge to bang your head and stomp your feet. The rhythm is tribal and hypnotic. What a tub thumper of a track.

The final song, “The Pilot”, is a fast paced rock n rolla of a track that has no let up. It just steam rollers right on through til the end with a punk energy reminiscent of Bon Scott. Absolutely brilliant.

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Two Aussie brothers went to the other side of the world and started a rock n roll band…

Originally hailing from Sydney, Axel and Jay McDonald, the former a shit hot guitar player with the voice of a rock god, the later a tub thumping maniac, landed in Dublin, Ireland a few years back and hooked up with a couple of locals, Ed Orr, who plays a mean axe and Jamie Trimble, a four string god of thunder.

Pure, unadulterated rock n fucking roll is what the Jailbirds are all about. Having a good time all the time. Big guitars, big drums, big smiles. The band released their first EP, Break The Silence in January of 2017 and immediately got a stack of airplay in Australia, Germany and the UK and had a nice little piece in Classic Rock Magazine!

Since the release of their EP, Jailbirds have been busting their asses on the live circuit, supporting a stack of great acts including, The Answer, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Y&T and the mighty Anvil! Several headline tours of their own around Ireland have also got the Jailbirds in top form to record their second album, which will be their Golden Robot Records debut.

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