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Scott Stapp – New Single “Gone Too Soon” Mourns Cornell, Bennington, Prince & All Who’ve Departed Before Their Time

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Scott Stapp revealed “Gone Too Soon,” the final advance track from his first album in six years, The Space Between The Shadows(Napalm Records). Thus far, radio single, “Purpose For Pain”; “Name” about the cycle of abuse and abandonment; and uplifting rocker “Face of The Sun,” have been revealed to fans, who have responded to the tune of 3 Million plays acrossglobal, cross-platform, streams, and socials. The album is available for pre-order HEREand will be released July 19, 2019.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JgPT31xR48&w=560&h=315]

Billboard premiered “Gone Too Soon,” which speaks about unexpected tragedies and the solace in honoring those lost, vowing to help others, and the promise of reuniting in the hereafter.  The sentiment applies to great voices – Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Prince – as well as near-daily headlines about fallen soldiers and victims of inconceivable violence, PTSD, and/or addiction.

Having passed the five-year milestone of his sobriety, these losses weigh heavy on Stapp’s heart, who once walked his own razor’s edge. As a Grammy-winning songwriter, Scott turned to music for catharsis.

Stapp told Billboard, “Somewhere around the time Chester passed, and we had already been reeling from Cornell’s passing, I was flipping through the news and saw the suicide rate for (U.S. military) vets was skyrocketing, and all these people are OD-ing from heroin, drug addictions, opioids. The school shootings. It was just a collection of things that all hit me at once. So it was inspired by a series of events that just came together to impact me as a human being, all at once.

Scott takes his own words to heart – in his daily life he is a mentor to those seeking sobriety and he continues his work with his With Arms Wide Open Foundation, which focuses largely on military members and their families dealing with PTSD.

So heavy I hit the floor
My heart is shaken and torn
Can’t catch my breath don’t know what to feel
My tears are starting to burn
I scream it wasn’t your turn
I can’t believe it, this can’t be real
Gone too soon, my friend
I know you’re dancing with angels on the wind
It’s not the end
Until I reach forever
And were together
You will always be
Gone too soon

A heart with love left to give
A soul with life left to live
So full of color, not one defined you
I wish I had one more day
So much that I’d want to say
So much that I didn’t take the time too
Still can’t believe that it’s true
Still can’t believe that it’s you

SCOTT STAPPis a Grammy winning songwriter, frontman for Creed (over 50 million albums sold worldwide), and solo artist who released the platinum-certified The Great Divide (2005) and Proof of Life (2013) which included his first solo Billboard #1, “Slow Suicide.” His first album in six years, THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SHADOWS, will be released July 19, 2019 and is powered by Stapp’s introspective lyrics and the pitch-perfect delivery that has consistently brought anthems of gratitude and optimism to music’s darker side.

With a new outlook – five years sober and counting – Stapp’s upcoming album documents a journey to find meaning and redemption.His evolution, both personally and professionally, reflects a sense of purpose in sharing the silver lining of his survival. He has become an inspiration to others struggling with the often over-lapping illnesses of addiction and depression and he “pays it forward” through his With Arms Wide Open Foundation, which helps military vets and their families with drug addiction, PTSD-triggered mental health issues and suicide prevention. In 2017, the Florida Association of Broadcasters awarded Scott with the Florida Service Award. In 2018 he was inducted into the Florida Music Hall of Fame.

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