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EP Review : Austin Gold

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Austin Gold are a melodic rock band David James Smith (lead guitar, vocals), Jack Cable (guitars), Chris Ogden (drums), Russell Hill (keyboards) and Lee Churchill (bass). Formed four years ago we actually saw them when they first started at a local rock bar in Northampton and at two festivals there as well, and it is wonderful to see them grow into the band they are now.

This year performing on the main stage at Ramblin Man Fair must have been huge for them and they were so well received there too, their debut album “Before Dark Clouds” received amazing reviews from the rock press, BBC Radio 2, Planet Rock and many other rock stations.


And they have just released a limited edition 6 track mini-album which is available on vinyl and download only.

1 WE ARE LIGHTNING. A powerful guitar intro followed by the dulcet tones of David introduce this first song which is an anthemic rocky number a real sing a long one this, I can see the hands waving side to side in the crowd it also has a nice riff running through it.

2. CAUGHT ON YOU. An infectious toe tapping riff with a rock and roll feel that runs throughout with a great back beat from the rhythm section keeping the groove going, there’s also an impressive guitar solo with David screaming out his powerful vocal, this is another anthemic song to keep the fans happy this is also the first single to be released from the album.,

3. STARLIGHT. Love the mix on this, the way the individual guitars swap from speaker to speaker creating a real live feel, A catchy commercial number that I think would make a good single. A middle eight dual guitar battle will keep you rocking and plenty of whoa oaahs to sing along with.

4 HERE TO STAY. Probably the heaviest track on here and my favourite, An Echoey studio intro before the volume really goes up on this powerful song, a hand clapping hard rock anthem with the band providing great harmony’s to David’s voice, this is a real head banger and the whole band shine on this ,riffs hooks hard hitting drum beats and chugging bass what more would you want?.

5. YOU GOT IT ALL. A bit of a sixty’s vibe and as always with this band another infectious riff led song but I love the bass on this it just creates that extra funk to it, more dynamic guitar solos and great power from David, on the outro.

LIFELINES. A nice touch of blues to end the album, one to really dance too, two interesting bridges on this that change the whole mood of the song one minute blues- rock then a bit of funk a great way to end.

Review by Dave Martin for Metal Planet Music

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