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Fighter V to release their album fighter on 11.10.2019 via Rock Attack Records/Cargo

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FIGHTER V - official pic V_copyright Chavela Zink.jpg

If you look at the circumstances under which Dave Niederberger (vocals) and Marco Troxler (guitar) laid the foundations for FIGHTER V on a Saturday evening, they almost resemble the cliché of an exaggerated autobiography of a rock star of the 80s.

Just like every weekend, the two were drawn back to this bar in the middle of Lucerne’s old town. This dive has always been considered one of the last bastions of rock music. It is narrow, confusing, cigarette smoke from all corners, the alcohol flows in streams and the volume of the music is at the pain threshold of the bearable – but as I said, they play rock music that counts alone!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWi6OazDIrE&w=560&h=315]

Long after midnight, a few beers were sure to flow, while the speakers were full of classics by Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey, Survivor and Def Leppard. It was this ve sound, which in the minds of the two young guys only led to one logical consequence: We want to do that, too! Contrary to every trend and practically everything that could be heard on the radio. Their common passion for rock music of the 80s left no doubt from the beginning where the project should go. Stadium rock without ifs and buts!FIGHTER V - official pic III_copyright Chavela Zink.jpg

When the idea hadn’t lost any of its meaning in the days that followed, the two immediately set out to search for like-minded people. The search went smoothly at the beginning. A bass player is quickly found in the person of Luca Troxler, as he still lives in the same household as Marco Troxler. And Lucien Egloff, a drummer with stage experience, was found in the closer circle of colleagues. But the search for a suitable keyboarder was much more gruelling – and yes, keyboard was and is a must for the sound of Fighter V. Various attempts failed because of the fact that the goals of the 4 existing members and those of the keyboarder could not be reconciled. Once with keyboarder and then again without, the band played about 50 concerts a year. Among other things, the band made a name for itself as an energetic live act in the supporting program of bands such as The Dead Daisies, Fozzy, Bonfire or Molly Hatchet.

The hope for epic keyboard sounds was almost given up when the band met Felix Commerell in spring 2018. Although somewhat younger than the rest of the band, they quickly proved to be energetic support for the desired sound as well as organizational things within the formation.

FIGHTER V - Album Cover - Fighter.jpg

With a new tailwind, the five Swiss musicians knew that the time had come to record an album.

Every free minute of isolation in the rehearsal room was now up for the songwriter trio Dave, Marco and Luca. Often there were only a few chords and the vocal melody or the lyrics at the beginning. And then they tried out, tinkered, wrote, changed, discarded and rewrote. To the point where the result sounded convincing for all three. A whole nine months passed before one dared to approach some producers with the demos. The response was prompt and positive. In the end they decided on the producer Jona Tee (keyboarder of the band H.E.A.T). His bright enthusiasm for the sound and the fact that he already produced some bands from the melodic rock genre convinced the band. And are we honest, who doesn’t want to spend 4 weeks in Sweden to record a rock album?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUKDfw2loBs&w=560&h=315]


With nothing but a dozen carefully selected demos FIGHTER V started their journey to the north. There the album FIGHTER was created in close cooperation with the producer Jona Tee in spring 2019.

The journey to Sweden and also the new arrival of Felix had given the band so much exciting, fresh air that it was now time to give the project a worthy name.

FIGHTER V - official pic II_copyright Chavela Zink.jpg

To the title track of the album FIGHTER the band had quickly formed a tight bond, especially its message: “Don’t give up, stick to it, keep going forward”. FIGHTER V was born with the small addition of the Roman Five “V”.

The song material aroused the interest of various labels and distributors. After intensive talks and negotiations FIGHTER V signed with Rock Attack Records (Cargo Records), Germany in summer 2019.

The debut album FIGHTER will be released on October 11th, 2019, followed by a support tour with THE NEW ROSES and a headliner tour through Central Europe, FIGHTER V are looking forward to an exciting future.

Line Up:

Dave Niederberger, Vocals Marco Troxler, Guitars Luca Troxler, Bass Lucien Egloff, Drums Felix Commerell, Keyboards


12.10.19 Lucerne (CH) album release show

17.10.19 Hamburg (DE) – Knust with THE NEW ROSES

18.10.19 Cologne (DE) – Luxor with THE NEW ROSES

19.10.19 Hannover (DE) – Music Center with THE NEW ROSES

24.10.19 Stuttgart (DE) – Club CANN with THE NEW ROSES

25.10.19 Pratteln (CH) – Z7 with THE NEW ROSES

26.10.19 Munich (DE) – backstage with THE NEW ROSES/sold out

01.11.19 Solothurn (CH) – SWISS GLAM ROCK FEST – 2 fast for love

02.11.19 Frauenfeld (CH) – oil stain

08.11.19 Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE) – Rock`s Bar

09.11.19 Bellenberg (EN) – Grape

16.11.19 Stans (CH) – laces

30.11.19 Utzenstorf (CH) – Mischus Rock & Blues

06.12.19 Burgdorf (CH) – Sägegasse Culture Hall

07.12.19 Sarnen, (CH) – Muffis night resetaurant

12.12.2019 Weert (NL) – De Bosuil with THE NEW ROSES

13.12.2019 Hoogeveen (NL) – Het Podium with THE NEW ROSES

14.12.2019 Amsterdam (NL) – Melkweg with THE NEW ROSES

15.12.2019 Ittre (BE) – Zik-Zak with THE NEW ROSES

20.12.19 Lenzburg (CH) – Wisa Bar

21.12.19 Basel (CH) – Red Rocks

10.01.20 Sumiswald (CH) – Ice Rock Festival

WEBLINKS: www.fighter-v.com www.facebook.com/fightervofficial www.instagram.com/fightervofficial/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-BDGrZkJF0NskJf2Lj-Pg

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