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After a good nights sleep and a couple of morning coffees it was back over to the venue for the second day of HRH SLEAZE III. Arriving on site and a quick hello to some friends it was straight over to stage 2 for the delightful FALLEN MAFIA” who were again a unknown entity to myself but due to the main stage not firing up for another hour it was a good opportunity to catch this female fronted rock outfit from the North East of England, and simply put the surprise package of the weekend.

Featuring the earth shattering vocals of “Hannah Neil” who from the first note got people coming out the press room to see what all the fuss was about. Backed by 2 accomplished guitarists in “Stephen Hope” and “Chris Johnson” they put their foot to the floor and didn’t let up until their quota of stage time was over. With huge Sabbath like riffs and rolling drums this 5 piece tore the rule book up as far as opening acts are concerned.

Then you have tiny Hannah with a voice that is is one minute almost operatic the next minute soulful whilst keeping her stage presence entertaining. FALLEN MAFIA have been together quiet a few years now and that is evident in the tightness of the tracks performed this afternoon and if they can keep up the momentum then the future looks very promising indeed IMG_1703.jpg

 “DOOMSDAY OUTLAW were the unlucky act set to try and follow them. With a thinned out crowd due to the main stage starting up, it was actually nice to have a bit of space and some air to breath. With the bass and drums set to a low rumbling end they countered this with guitars and vocals set to  max and what a volume !! This a band that in my opinion will not remain playing on smaller stages much longer and the sole reason for that is the song writing, they really know how to pen a catchy song.ever energetic Phil Poole springs from the side of the stage with his bounding energy with his bellowing voice befitting of a man 3 times his size.I was told prior to the gig that the group intended to play some new material and they duly deliver with “ON MY WAY” which got yours truly swinging my pants and trying to sing a chorus I didn’t know ! But the lads know how to put the fun into their music.70033805_853922968326677_7010571750282887168_n.jpg

Currently holed up in a studio recording their 3rd album we get another treat with the as yet released “IF THIS IS THE END” a slow story like ballad played with both passion and feeling. Rounding things off we get the foot stomping “HARD TIMES” with that killer riff that could peel the skin from your face. All in all that is what you get from a DOOMSDAY OUTLAW show this group are more reliable than a Rolex regardless of which act they are following . 

TRENCH DOGS” Lord above what have I just witnessed ? Hailing from Sweden with a foot firmly in the 1970s these guys rock and rock hard, influences are easy to guess on this classy outfit,Rod Stewart Faces, Slade, Sweet, Bolan, AC/DC, and hard rocking Queen. If that list of iconic artists fails to light your enthusiasm then just watch them flat out on stage. Andy Hekkandi a front man with Iggy Pop hips and a rattlin tambourine and is a sight to behold with his stage craft.


The collage on stage is made up of frilly shirts, bandana’s ,velvet jacket, tight jeans, black hat and Gresch guitars.Blasting from the off with “HOMESICK PARADE” also the opening song on the fantastic debut album this has the most addictive chorus you have ever heard. Spides on guitar is a huge asset to the group and is a human dynamo. This set had everything from the woop woop vocals of “RATTLIN BONES” to “BRIDGES” an unreleased song that is due on the second album which shows a maturity from the previous robust material.

A nice touch was the free merchandise being thrown out into the crowd along with drum sticks and picks all whilst the group are still playing. Bringing this cracking set to a fitting end was a rip roaring cover of ( DO THE) MASH POTATO which encouraged a huge sing along and many contented punters.  

KNOCK OUT KANE were next up on the main stage to a welcoming crystal clear sound system and a huge figure of front man “DEAN FOXX” this highly entertaining band with rave live reviews hit the stage running with their beefy meat and potato sound. This is a classic traditional 5 piece classic rock outfit with many years of treading the boards under their belts with the dynamic Danny Krash on drums being a show all in itself.


Highlights of the set was the stirring “COMING HOME” which if released in a different decade would have been a monster hit and no doubt propelled the group on to bigger things, the song sure knew how to get the HRH choir into full voice before we get another crowd pleaser in “BOXES” with its funky intro and classy bass line from “Paul crouch”. with the momentum in full flow we are introduced to a new track “OXYGEN THIEF” that is due for release at the end of October on the new album.

This frantic track was a showcase for the twin guitars of  “Jimmy Bohemian” and “Tom Robinson” to sink their teeth into and a mighty fine slab of quality rock bellowed from the speakers. If ever a band comes to your town and you have a spare evening then be sure to go see this fine group because classic sleazy rock and entertainment wont get much better.  

Hailing from Barcelona(  Stop Stop )this hugely entertaining outfit know how to put on a hell of a live show featuring, “Jacob a,m” vocals/bass, “Vega” guitars, “Danny Spasov” drums.. Strolling casually on stage its a rip roaring “THE LAST CALL” that sets the tone for the chaos to manifest, with the band sporting old man wigs and clothing, many of the punters must have been thinking “what is going on ?” after some snazzy dancing the band leave the stage to the dumbfounded masses only to reappear as their normal selves with “Vega” sporting his usual cowboy hat.

The boogie continues with the foot tapping “RENEGADE” with the AC/DC grooves and that stop, start beat then without drawing breath Danny the mad drummer with the mad hair brings in the familiar “POSER” a track that I never tire of listening to. This band provide everything in their live show with a medley of “KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR / SO LONELY” before wrapping the set up with a rocked up version of “PROUD MARY / THUNDERSTRUCK”.


The perfect good time party band that not only throw in some great covers but with that solid guitar sound and top drawer vocal from “Jacob” they play a cracking take on one of their best tracks “TOILET PARTY” with that familiar drum intro, then mid section with just the bass and drums going solo waiting for “Vega” to slice of another spiteful guitar solo all the while with matching dance moves. One of best bands doing the circuit at the moment and a brilliant addition to HRH SLEAZE III.                           

“RECKLESS LOVE” I have to hold my hand up and admit I had no idea just how popular this group had become, with the venue easily at its busiest all weekend including last nights main acts it was over to this outfit from Finland to prove what all the fuss was about.

I have seen this group on many occasions from the UK club scene of 10 years ago and watched them claw their way higher up the ladder with 4 solid albums under their belts and a barrage of fine reviews.

Ollie Herman” is the swirling blonde head case that demands everyone,s attention and as soon as the intro tape to “The Boys Are Back In Town””cuts out its the opener“ANIMAL ATTRACTION” that whips up a frenzy and I guess the sound man must have overdosed on Red Bull because the sound is fuckin huge in fact its perfect with the remaining members “Pepe” guitar, “Jale verne ” bass, “Hessu Maxx” drums each having a part to play on stage they certainly add to the visual whirl wind of “Ollie” by the time we get to the third song “MONSTER” it was apparent that this group will one day be headlining this fine festival because the fans and the interaction could not be ignored. The songs kept coming with “BADASS” “ROMANCE” the amazing “ON THE RADIO” with a huge guitar sound from “Pepe” which I am sure made enough noise to satisfy three guitarists.


Finishing off with a double blast of “NIGHT ON FIRE” and a track that has to remain in their live set until they decide to hang up their leather jackets the fantastic “HOT”.

so with a triumphant goodbye and a wave to the crowd it was up to the man of cool  “CHIP Z NUFF” to deliver his unique take on all things rock n roll. With a career going back to the 1980s and a leading light on all things glam / sleaze this man and his band “ENUFF Z NUFF” have seen it and done it all. Walking on stage in his trademark big sunglasses and his bass slung low it was a walk down memory lane for everyone there.

METALHEART” is the perfect opener and one of the best songs on the album “DIAMOND BOY” with those unique vocals and that solid simple drum beat and that feel good vibe with “Chip” just standing centre stage in shiny hat looking fabulous and lapping it up.

KISS THE CLOWN” and “DIAMOND BOY” are both executed perfectly then we get a brief guitar solo and then chip stands behind the guitarist who proceeds to drown a bottle of wine why Chip plays a quality guitar solo until the whole bottle is drunk !! very bizarre but highly entertaining.


Sticking to a faithful cover of “GENE GENIE” again gets everyone singing along. The stage bathed in light and Chips colourful attire sets the scene for a rollicking “WHEELS” with its lovely harmonies and twists and turns.

With so much studio work under his belt it was no doubt a challenge to whittle it down to 13 songs but one track that just had to be played was “FLY HIGH MICHELLE” a track that sounds as fresh today as it did on its first release all those years ago.

Nearing the end of the set with much jovial banter from CHIP its was the double slam of “NEW THING” and “THE WORLD IS A GUTTER” that brought the curtain down on a set missed by many who had decided to leave and go home after “RECKLESS LOVE” such a shame because I think “CHIP Z NUFF” showed the youngsters just how to do it.  

So onto the Sunday night head liner “TYLAS DOGS D’AMOUR” with the place even emptier I kind of felt sorry for Tyler because a man with such a history with the DOGS D’ AMOUR” deserved to be headlining this occasion.


This man sure knows how to write a great song with that bar room feel and gravelly 40 fags a day voice its a greatest hits set with the likes of “BILLY TWO RIVERS” “HOW COME IT NEVER RAINS” “SATTELITE KID” all performed with much gutso and the faithful still in attendance lapping it up, but sadly through no fault of the group after the intensity of “RECKLESS LOVE” and the shear quality of “CHIP Z NUFF” the set began to fall flat with Tyla telling stories and announcing he still drinks 3 bottles of red wine a day whilst drinking from a bottle on stage.

 So with many people burnt out or catching trains to go home I decided to leave it there for another year, with Tyla happily  singing away on stage having a great time and keeping his legions of die hard fans very happy.  

Review by Steve Bruty for metalplanetmusic

Photography by Darren Smith for metalplanetmusic



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