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Gig Review : Planet Rock Roadstars Gorilla Riot / Hannah Wicklund & Piston The Lending Room, Leeds 9th October 2019

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Tonight, The Lending Room is hosting the latest Planet Rock Roadstars tour. A triple header of live music with three bands and a rotating line-up, what’s not to like.
Gorilla Riot.
First up are a Manchester based, five-piece, who have made quite a splash recently, with their raucous three-pronged guitar assault on your senses.
Gorilla Riot are straight up and into their first song, a very healthy early crowd are treated to a steamroller of a set. The band as a whole are tight, composed and overall deliver an excellent sound.
The stage is not the largest, thus whilst things are a little crowded the band don’t let this hinder their stage presence or interaction with the crowd. The multiple crunching guitar riffs and thumping beat are cleverly topped by vocalist, Arjun’s quality vocals.
The band utilise this opening slot to the maximum and quickly have the crowd appreciating their talent and music. Chit chat is kept to a minimum and the set ends to a raucous cheer of appreciation from the crowd. Gorilla Riot have done exactly what they needed to .
Band Members
Arjun Bhishma (lead vocals & guitars)
Liam Henry (guitars & vocals)
James Degnen (bass)
Charly T. (guitars & vocals)
Will Lewis (drums)
Web – http://gorillariotband.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/GorillaRiotRock
Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin’ Stones.
Hailing from the USA Hannah Wicklund has made a big splash upon her arrival within the industry. At only 21 she has released three albums to date and toured with some major names. When the likes of Joe Bonamassa invite Hannah onto tours with them you know there’s something special, and indeed special she is.
This singer, songwriter and master of the guitar has the crowd in the palm of her hand from the first notes. The outstanding ability of this young lady is there for all to see. Not only a consummate guitar player, Hannah also writes her songs and sings them too.
From the most subtle and sublime of guitar passages and delicate vocals to rip snorting power cords and solo’s, all accompanied by a powerful and yet controlled vocal, Hannah appears to be the full package.
Hannah is backed by two further competent musicians, bass and drums, who perfectly compliment her style. Together, this power trio produce an eclectic and almost hypnotic sound.
You could almost question placing such a musician on tour with two competent rock outfits, yet the set, for me and many others, is the highlight of the evening. The post set queue for her merch, signature & selfies was huge and will undoubtedly grow as her fanbase inevitably will.
The Band –
Guitar / Vovals – Hannah Wicklund
Bass –
Drums –
Web – https://www.hannahwicklund.com/welcome
Twitter – https://twitter.com/SteppinStonesSC
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hannahwicklundss/
Piston are the rotational headliners for tonight and don’t disappoint.
They are just on it from the first note. Searing vocals and lead guitar, perfectly complimented and held together by the scorching rhythm, bass and drums. Firing on all cylinders, to the redline, they tear along through the set.
Rob Angelico is an extremely animated front man, whilst also being a superb vocal talent. The band are cohesive, slick and deliver a crunching powerhouse of a sound. The searing riffs of Jack Edwards and the ever-present thunderous drumming prowess of Brad Newlands are a force to be reckoned with.
Brad is indeed a beast of a drummer, clearly enjoying himself whilst pounding the drum kit into almost oblivion and all whilst interacting with the crowd at any and every available opportunity.
The crowd are clearly aware and indeed show their fullest appreciation that they are seeing a very self-confident band, made up of five high quality musicians, who can and indeed do deliver a sustained high energy set from start to finish. Long may it continue.
The Band –
Rob Angelico
Jack Edwards
Luke Allatt
Brad Newlands
Stuart Egan

Review by Lisa Mcgowan

Photography by Paul McGowan

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