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TJ Walker Releases His Video Single ‘Cowboy Outta Me

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TJ Walker is proud announce the bright and breezy video single for ‘Cowboy Outta Me’, taken from his 10-track debut album ‘The Long Game’. ‘Cowboy Outta Me’, giving fans of Country and Americana another fresh, piquant shot of TJ Walker!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RThZbHzFCA&w=560&h=315]

TJ Walker is a multi-talented Country/Americana singer, guitarist and songwriter based in The Deep South – of the UK! TJ’s debut album- from which the single comes- takes the term ‘solo album’ literally, as he’s not only written, sung, and played multiple instruments throughout the album, but recorded and produced in his studio at home.

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It’s a labour of love, drawing together the rich repertoire of original Country and Americana material TJ has created, inspired by music he loves and artists he admires.

As he explains, “My debut album ‘The Long Game’ contains 10 songs that I’m very proud of, combining the influences and funky Country grooves of The Band, Brothers Osborne and Little Feat with the stories and imagery of my favourite lyricists like Jason Isbell and Lowell George. There are road songs, love songs, sentimental songs, outlaw grooves, acoustic laments; along with the stories, the guitar plays a big part – there’s chicken pickin’, slide guitar, pedal steel, flat-picked acoustic and even some banjo!

TJ’s latest single ‘Cowboy Outta Me’ won’t just appeal to fans of Country and Americana: it reaches further afield.

When I finished the song,” says TJ, “it felt right and I liked the sound and the words, but it seemed too simple an idea somehow. It’s impossible to be a fair judge of your own creation, so I played it to a few people. Everyone I played it to loved it, several people even admitting, “I’m not a fan of Country music, but I like that song!”

Giving us a glimpse into his creative process, TJ explains the inspiration that led to ‘Cowboy Outta Me’ like this: “All songs come about by different means or for different reasons. Some come from a flash of inspiration whilst strumming the guitar; others from a phrase someone says, or from a line in a book. Sometimes the words come first sometimes the music.

‘Cowboy Outta Me’ was unusual in that it was a song that came from me sitting down and deciding to write a song. I started with the simple idea of including all of the elements of my favourite country songs. The words started to paint the picture of being in the middle of nowhere, back to nature… like a cowboy on the range! Once I got that picture in my head, the idea took on a life of its own.

It’s a love song at heart, but like all my favourite Country songs, it’s got a cowboy in it!

If you’ve a taste for fresh, original Country and Americana talent, great storytelling and songwriting, combined with varied and skilled guitar work, check out the video single for ‘Cowboy Outta Here’ and TJ Walker’s fantastic full debut album: ‘The Long Game’.

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