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Gig Review: Max & Iggor Cavalera: Return Beneath Arise With support from: Conan & Healing Magic Glasgow Queen Margaret Union

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Sepultura were formed in 1984 by brothers, Max & Iggor Cavelera. The band first popped up on my radar in 1987 with their second album ‘Schizophrenia’ which I played until the tape snapped! Beneath the Remains, released in 1988, is a constant favourite with fans too with tracks such as ‘Mass Hypnosis’. Sepultura went on to enjoy commercial success with 1991s ‘Arise’ which was followed up with 1993s ‘Chaos AD’ and then 1996s ‘Roots’. These albums are considered by fans to contain the bands most significant work, although the band have moved on without the founding members after Max’s departure in 1996.

Tonight, Max and Iggor will take to the stage in Glasgow to play some of their most loved songs from the golden age of Sepultura. The QMU in Glasgow has played host to some ground breaking bands such as Queen in 1974 and Nirvana who played their only Scottish gig at the venue in 1991. The venue is part of Glasgow University.

There’s capacity foraround 900 People and if the number of fans I passed on my way there are anything to go by, they would need every inch of space to accommodate them all! The venue is well laid out and staff are friendly and helpful, although I might be out of the ‘alcohol-price- loop, as I overheard a couple debate the price of a pint of lager which was £5 per pint. That seems rather high for a student union!

The night waskicked off by Healing Magic. This three piece band from Arizona set the tone for the night and blasted the Glasgow masses with a nice thrash/grove mix of music.


Their sound was warm and welcoming, and the Glasgow fans showed their appreciation. The band left the stage with fans clearly wanting more! https://www.facebook.com/healingmagicband/

Next on stage were Conan from Liverpool. This band have been on the scene since 2006 and there was much excitement about their appearance on the bill.


The three piece band harness a variety of sounds with Doom Metal being at their core, however the industrial styled vocals of Jon David add another layer that gives the band another level to play from.


Their musician skills were flawless and exciting. Check out Conan at Napalm Records.http://www.hailconan.com

The time had come and Max & Igor were ready to take to the stage with their band. I squeezed myself into the pit and poised myself like a praying Mantis, waiting to snap…literally! The lights filled the stage and the crowd cheered as the band came on.


Max holding his hands aloft as he settled his guitar into position to get stuck into their first song. The crowd’s cheering was almost as loud as the band’s playing! I stayed in the pit for the first three songs, just a few feet from the band. Musically these guys were flawless and sounded incredible.


The lighting was pretty good although there was some blackouts stage right and Igor could have used a bit more lighting too.


Max looked imposing and immensely proud to be back playing the songs he had written, recorded and gained fans under the Sepultura family.


Now it was his time to show the fans performed with precision and style and there was lots of cool merch available too. If you can, I’d urge you to go see Max & IggorCavalera. http://www.cavaleraconspiracy.net

Review & Photography by Stephen Scouller for MPM

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