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Gig Review : Motionless In White with Skold and Defying Decay @ O2 Kentish Town Forum – December 12th

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The night starts on a super powerful note as first band – all the way from Thailand – Defying Decay bring all the energy!! Consisting of a strong blend of synthesisers, guitars , drums, bass and keyboards this is a full stage and a full sound.


For a support band to capture the audience as quickly and completely as this is a real testament to their music and talent, it’s an immediate reaction that doesn’t waive at all during their entire set.

Every member of the band is animated and interacting with the crowd it’s hard to know where to look as you don’t want to miss anything!

Vocalist Jay Euarchukiati is an absolute powerhouse , his ability to leap around whilst delivering such a strong vocal is awesome to watch. There are so many facets and influences to this music that meld together and pack a really heavy punch, and there really is something that will appeal to so many audiences, and they are a brilliant fit in tonight’s line up.


For their final number, bass player Pleng Thongboonma takes to the floor and plays from the centre of the crowd!!

These guys are for sure ones to watch , and definite future headliners in their own right – an absolutely incredible start to the night!!!

In stark contrast to the openers the mood moves to a darker more atmospheric energy as smoke billows across the stage and the lighting drops.

Skold, solo project of Tim Skold ( Marilyn Manson , Motionless In White, Shotgun Messiah) are just three members – drummer Jon Siren , Keyboard and backing vocals Nero Bellum and of course Tim Skold on guitar and vocals. It’s a more subtle brooding sound, dark and seductive as opposed to the full on assault on the senses. Their stage persona matches the music perfectly and although Skold doesn’t leap and thrash about he still has incredible presence. His voice, very Manson-esque at times, carries well and the crowd seem totally bewitched.


Nero is extremely animated, his keyboard an extension of his body moves and sways with him and he is completely committed to his performance.

This performance embodies all of the dark elements of the industrial side of metal that are good and really adds a rich layer to tonight’s proceedings , once again easily a headline act with amazing production and execution.


The lights dim. The air is tense, and a dark and eerie atmosphere befalls Kentish Town Forum. A haunting and melancholy melody begins to flow through the speakers and over the sea of darkened spectators; chanting ‘MOTIONLESS’ in anticipation of the main event, as the introduction of Motionless in White’s ‘Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride’ screams into life. Heavy smoke weaves between the band as they are brought to life in an illumination of purple and blue lighting.

Motionless in White storm through their set list to promote their new album ‘Disguise’ which released 7th June 2019, performing a show stopping 19 tracks in total. Fans are quick to come to life once more for the bands second track, Necessary Evil (Graveyard Shift, 2017) and head bang, mosh, and scream in unison for another 8 tracks including Soft, Rats, Brand New Numb, Voices, Headache, </c0de> and Synthetic Love until they reach ‘Disguise’, the titular track from their newest album ‘Disguise’.


A sinister and hauntingly atmospheric tune begins to play; a children’s music box being wound up, and instead of a happy puppet being pushed out on top of a spring, our throats are gripped by frontman Chris Motionless, screaming ‘GET UP, GET UP!’ The crowd bounce, symbiotically in unison to their nightmarish ringleader. Following up for track 11 of the evening is ‘Another Life’ (Disguise, 2019) which is a tour debut and the fans are quick to recognise it. The song is personal, and it reaches out to those in attendance. It could be seen on the face of everyone there and within the fists they held high.


Motionless in White keep the pace, performing more tracks from the new album, including Catharsis and Holding on to Smoke, before being treated to a minute long drum solo, while the rest of the band take a moment to regain their collective energies. Motionless churn out Reincarnate, and then in an unexpected twist, Tim Skold joins Motionless’ frontman Chris Motionless on stage to perform ‘Final Dictvm’ (Reincarnate, 2014) and the crowd erupts.  The dark style and vocals from each band meld together in harmony as the two perform alongside each other, a match made in heaven; a duo designed in hell.

The band begin to bring the evening to a climactic close with ‘Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.’ from their latest album ‘Disguise’ before ending event with the show stopping fan favourite and ‘Devil’s Night’ (Infamous, 2012).


Motionless in white are invited once more to the stage after the lights have dimmed to perform their encore track ”Eternally Yours’ (Graveyard Shift, 2017) which is a fitting thank you to the fans. The crowd scream and hold their hands high to the anthemic ending to the show, before the band make their exit.

Motionless in White head out to play their final show of the ‘disguise’ tour on the 14th December at the  02 Academy in Bristol, United Kingdom. They travel home for the first show of the American leg of their tour on January 4, 2020 at Showbox SoDo, Seattle Washington USA.


An evening completely out of this world – 10/10

Review & Photography by Rebecca Bush for MPM

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