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Mad Haven talk to Craig Cooper from MPM at Winterstorm 2019

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Interview with MAD HAVEN

Winterstorm Fri 29th November 2019

  1. Until I knew I was interviewing you today , I had never heard of you , I apologise for that , so tell me who are you ?

MH.( Alex Rogowski ) We’re a 3 piece classic rock band from North Wales , Tom is my brother , he sings and plays guitar , I play drums and Morgan is out bassist .

Q..Have you played in Scotland before ?

No we’ve never even been in Scotland before

Q: Have you played a lot of support slots ?

Yes we have , mostly in Wales , the North west and the Midlands , we’ve supported FM , Massive Wagons , Those Damn Crows and Virgin Marys

Q.. What is your process for getting onto tours ?

We’ve been going since 2011 and done all the usual pubs and small venues and have a decent local fanbase . Tom techs for FM so he is starting to get more contacts through that as well. We are now with the label WDFD but it’s a slow process , Its about getting us introduced to other people . So its taken us from 2011 to get a good build up of contacts and people who know who we are .78402413_2498644663739336_8569527922476449792_o.jpg

Q… You’ve had a couple of EP’s released , is there an album planned ?

Yes we’ve had a couple of EP’s that have done okay , but an album not as yet . We have plenty of songs but its mainly down to money . Im at University and the other 2 are going next year , so that’s going to be expensive , but time will tell .

  1. Are you looking forward to today , you’re closing the sessions stage at 2230 , that will give you plenty time to see other bands .

Yes we want to see The Amorettes and we’ve seen The Brink before so looking forward to seeing them .

Q.. Is this your last gig of the year ?

No you can catch us at The Gifford Arms in Wolverhampton on 13th December and we do a local gig in our hometown on 28th December which we do every year as a thank you to our fans and usually get about 80 turning up .

Thanks for your time.

Interview by Craig Cooper

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