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Pete Way Talks to Craig Cooper from MPM at Winterstorm 2019

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Interview with PETE WAY

Winterstorm Fri 29th November 2019

Q.. Its an absolute honour to meet you Pete , How is your health doing ?

PW .. Emm I like to think its repairing but suddenly time catches up with you . My doctor said to me “Pete you should be dead “ , so I take that as a blessing .

Q.. Are you looking forward to playing today ?

Yes very much , because of my health Ive had about 5 years off so im looking forward to playing and to finishing an album which should be hopefully out in January , because it got held up with my illnesses .

Q.. The album is called Walking The Edge is that a reflection of your life .

Well it is to a degree really , I find myself having go take more drugs these days than I did when I took drugs

Q..Will your set be a mixture of old and new songs ?

It’s a short set so it will be some UFO , because that’s what people want to hear and a couple from what will be from the new album. We’ll play “Narcotic” ironically which Slash plays on , on the new album and we’ll do a couple I did with Michael Schenker and also a couple from the Amphetamine album that’s just been re released .

We can’ t do too many as its only about an hour but UFO songs go down well at festivals , we wanted to get a balance , not be too nostalgic but the fans expect the UFO songs , they pay their money for that.

Q..Theres been talk in the music press of an almost or original UFO reunion and Michael Schenker saying he wants nothing to do with it , Is this something you would be interested in?

I wouldn’t be too interested , I have my own band and wouldn’t be doing UFO , they’ve moved on and im going in a different direction completely but I can’t ignore the fact that im synonymous with UFO and I wrote some of the songs.

Q.. Its been an upsetting year with a few famous musicians passing away , especially for you with Paul Raymond dying.

Yes its always a shock but considering everything ive been through overdoses and stuff , when you have someone dying , Paul is relatively young early 70’s , I dunno , you can go anytime .

In fact I was nearly killed the other day , I was on my phone and standing behind a van which started moving back not seeing me and knocked me over and I went flying , another escape from death , I don’t know how I manage it .

Interview by Craig Cooper for MPM

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