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Those Damn Crows talks to Craig Cooper from MPM at Winterstorm 2019

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Interview with THOSE DAMN CROWS

Winterstorm Fri 29 Nov 2019

Q.. Thanks for this guys , you,ve gone from strength to strength this year. What do you think of it .

Shane : Every show is insane , we’ve not really stopped to think about it . We just keep going.

Q .. You have a new album out in February .

S…Yip it’s out on pre order just now

Q..The singles you’ve released from it so far are phenomenal are they getting great reviews ?

Everything has been very positive so far , a lot of people saying it’s a definite upping of our game , but it was always gonna be . The detail the producer went through , he spent a long time doing Ronnies drums and all the guitar sounds so naturally its gonna come out better . Yeah so they thought of everything for it .

Q..Are you looking forward to playing here in Troon ?

Can’t wait the venue seems great. We’ve seen pictures of previous years and the whole thing seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Im not just saying this but generally when we play Scotland it’s the friendliest and most passionate rock nation. ( apart from Wales obviously)

Q..You have a tour to promote the new album coming up , how many dates is it ?

It’s 7 in 10 so far , but watch this space , Glasgow has been upgraded already and that is selling out quickly as well . We decided to keep it intimate and we sat down with management and agents about this because it could have been our downfall .

We decided to introduce everyone to the new songs slowly and possibly follow up from that in the future. We are a band of the fans but they have taken it out our hands with the demand . So it’s kind of we had a plan , but our career is going faster than we were planning though , all the promoters targets were reached quicker than we thought so all venues are getting upgraded not that we are ever complaining but we still want intimacy at the shows , That was the plan anyway but you have to change .

Showtime approached and I thanked them for their time , A nicer bunch of guys you will struggle to meet..

Interview by Craig Cooper for MPM

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