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Gig Review : Buck & Evans – An evening of soulful blues and rocking music at Voodoo in Belfast

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For tonight’s gig there is no support, as Buck and Evans decide to go at it with no warm up act. To be honest I am not usually a fan of gigs where there is no support, but once the gig got underway, any disappointments in there being no support quickly faded.


When Buck and Evans, or to be more exact, Chris Buck, Sally Ann Evans, Bob Richards and Dominic Hill are on stage, it’s hard to believe that the two who give the band their name, originally only got together as a one off pairing to support Sandi Thom, by quickly throwing together a 45 minute set at the eleventh hour for a gig in Soho.


Jump forward a little more than handful of years and Buck and Evans have EP’s, a critically acclaimed album, sold out gigs and festival slots under their belt.


The band took to the stage fifteen minutes early and started playing immediately. They opened the show and played the critically acclaimed “Slow Train”. Afterwards Chris Buck jokingly stated that now that they have their most popular song out of the way, people could now go home if they wished because it’s all downhill from here.


This would set the pace for the evening as between songs the band would interact with the audience and adding some humour and light-heartedness to their show, which was very welcomed by the crowd in attendance.


During the introduction of “Impossible”, Buck told the audience that there was supposed to be a brass section on the track. It was discussed amongst the band and ended up being left to each other to sort out the brass section to record the track. They showed up at the studio to record the song, but thanks to many crossed wires, it ended up that nobody had booked the brass section for the studio. Buck then said that during the song that the audience had to use their imagination that there was a brass section so that they could get a proper feel of what the song was supposed to sound like.


A few more songs into the set and Chris Buck said that later this evening they would be at the merch stand to meet people. He said that if you notice they had strategically placed the merch stand beside the door so that way when people walk past without buying anything the band can stare at them as they leave to make them feel guilty.


As the show was coming to a close Chris Buck said that after the next song, that would be the point where they would usually leave the stage through the side and then after a little while, come back on again for an encore. But as he pointed out, there is no side stage to leave at Voodoo and that the dressing room was at the back behind the crowd, so they would just stay on stage and perform the encore.


The band themselves were amazing. Chris Buck plays guitar beyond his years and it’s hard to believe when you hear him play, that this is a guy still in his twenties. From the very first song you can easily see why only a few years ago that he won the award for best new guitarist in the world by Total Guitar Magazine.


Sally Ann Evans has got such an amazing soulful and powerful voice that to me is reminiscent of the great Carole King. Some people believe in global warming while others don’t, but if global warming is a thing then Sally Ann Evans voice might be behind it as this woman’s voice could easily melt icebergs.


The rest of the band aren’t too shabby either as Bob Richards on drums and Dominic Hill on bass are absolutely brilliant to. These two guys are the backbone of the band’s sound and never put a foot wrong the whole night and the four together perfectly complement each other.

After playing a two hour set I don’t think a single person left that night not thinking that that was one of the best shows they had ever seen and that is myself included.

Review & Photography by David Stewart for MPM

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