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Sounds to Blow Your Mind – 5

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Bad Touch – ‘I Get High’

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More than any other genre, classic rock music has always lasted throughout the years, proving a testament to great writing and playing. Norfolk’s Bad Touch have the material and chops to join that roll call and with each new release add to their growing reputation as one of the hottest bands in the country. Filled with the same Southern blues rock vibes that made The Black Crowes so huge, ‘I Get High’ is a joyful bit of gospel tinged swagger that will grab you and make you feel good about life again.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZtoCrtW8VE&w=560&h=315]

The love for what they do seeps out of every pore and with tracks as good as this you can’t help but feel the same. A phenomenal live act, Bad Touch are built to last and when any band is writing future classics of the quality of ‘I Get High’ you know their futures golden.


Vega – ‘(I Don’t Need) Perfection’


Superior and muscular melody packed hard rock that will have you singing the chorus for days isn’t the sole territory of American bands, as British crew Vega have proven time and time again. ‘(I Don’t Need) Perfection’ is yet another slab of addictive goodness from their forthcoming ‘Grit Your Teeth’ album and, if you can’t wait until June for your fix, this will tide you over nicely.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrMNQ7Jhwzg&w=560&h=315]

Multi-layered and written with a sure touch, this hits the spot as it grows from the huge opening of big guitars and carries on ramping up the excitement through to the earworm of the chorus and beyond, never once letting its foot off the gas. One of the classiest bands in the country, Vega are on a rocket ride to the top and this is another huge step towards the super league. As the song states, they might not need perfection, but this is as perfect as great modern melodic rock gets.


Tal Wilkenfeld – ‘Killing Me’


When the world’s best guitar player invites someone to join his band as their new bass player, you know they’re something a bit special. This was the situation that the then 20-year-old Tal Wilkenfeld found herself in when she started touring with Jeff Beck, following two years of paying her dues in New York after graduating from music college in Los Angeles. It’s been a continually growing arc from there, her incredible and supernatural talents being called upon by some of the very best in the business. Whilst her skills as a bass player have been at the front of minds, it’s her ability as a songwriter and singer that have truly blossomed and this, the single from her ‘Love Remains’ album shows just what she can do.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvGNiloum8s&w=560&h=315]

‘Killing Me’ mixes angular backing guitars with a great deep groove, Wilkenfeld’s voice a rich and characterful instrument in itself as she soars through the peaks and troughs of the rhythms. The playing and writing are nothing less than superb in this twisting, rolling heavy duty funky bit of rock meets jazz meets classic singer/songwriter brilliance. If you haven’t caught up with her yet, why not? Anyone who has shared stages with Beck, Clapton and Page (amongst many others) just HAS to be heard.

Reviews by Paul Monkhouse for MPM


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