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Askvader band’s competition where you can win free stuff, CD/LP/T-shirts.

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Åskväder released a music video for their single “God’s Grace”, taken from their S/T debut album released in March. A thunderous video featuring a sinful priest

Watch “God‘s grave below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzeBIIF1oX8&w=560&h=315]

If you’re a Spotify user, make sure to join the band’s competition where you can win free stuff, CD/LP/T-shirts. It’s very simple – just click the link below to follow the band on Spotify and fill in your postal address, and that’s it!


Join the Competition (Spotify) HERE:

Electrifying Swedish power-trio Åskväder makes thunder and lightning through rock music. Well balanced seasoning to the sound of the 90s Scandinavian rock scene mixed up with smoking hot riffs drenched in bluesy licks and catchy refrains. Adding thundering drum and bass groove with a topping consisting of elaborate vocal harmonies Åskväder is Swedish and can be translated into ‘Thunderstorm’. That says it all. No fuss, just straight Rock N Roll.

More on Åskväder below!

Pre-order the album:

Åskväder Facebook:

The Sign Records Facebook:

While capturing some of the influences from the legends of our time such as The Hellacopters and Turbonegro Åskväder manages to stay in their own lane, creating their own style of rock for a new decade.

The new album takes the Åskväder sound heard on the debut EP to a new level, “We wanted to keep true to our roots but to try to capture how we sound live for the feeling of the new album” says Staffan Persson who handles the bass guitar, also adding “To play live is where we are at our best”. The mix was left to Robert Perhsson (Robert Perhssons Humbucker, Dundertåget, Death Breath) to handle and this truly put an intense vibe to the album.

Chemistry wise there was an instant match at the first rehearsals of the band and with a wide pallet of different musical styles and experiences Åskväder has evolved into a critically acclaimed live act with a big focus on concerts and live performances. While the lead vocals are handled by Jon Solheim, the drummer of the band in that sense they also have something rare to present which leaves a good amount of stage area perfect for the rock n roll moves of Martin Gut and Staffan Persson.

Åskväder was formed in 2018 consisting of Staffan Persson with his lightning speed bass grooves, Jon Solheim on drumrolls and lead vocals and Martin Gut bending guitar strings and singing harmonies.

Hailing from the West Coast of Sweden Åskväder is here to stay. With the upcoming singles God’s Grace and Nothing To Lose Åskväder really set their mark on the rock n roll scene and presents music that will stick around. Look out for Åskväder who will release their debut through The Sign Records in March 2020.

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