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Laura Evans talks to MP Americana about new single Running back to you

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British country-blues and soul music singer-songwriter Laura Evans recently released her instantly-addictive single, ‘Running Back to You’, The single went straight to number one in the Uk iTunes blues charts also entered the US blues chart peaking at number 43.

The track is the first single to drop from Laura Evans’ EP, which will be released on Friday 31st July. Laura is also sharing a vintage inspired music video to accompany the new single


Check out Laura Evans’ latest single and video to sample her talent and sound for yourself; not to mention her eagerly-awaited new EP, also entitled ‘Running Back to You’ at the end of July.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Exca0Gbtk&w=560&h=315]

From listening to your music and backstory of the EP and the time you’ve spent in the US you only seem to write with American writers, is there a reason for that? 

It has not ever been a conscious decision to only write with American writers.  I am constantly writing so I write here with UK writers too. It just so happens that some of my best songs are written when I am in Nashville & LA and I’ve been lucky to get in some rooms with some amazing American writers who set the bar and inspire me.

There’s also something that happens to my mind when I get on a long plane flight  haha  ( not sure if this happens to other people) I go through a mix of emotions – excitement, nostalgia, reminiscent of old heartbreaks, happiness, sadness  etc I write & make a long list of ideas and usually that list turns into a few good songs!


Did you make a conscious decision to cross over genres with the new music, was there a reason for this? 

I don’t think I ever sat and down and decided one day ‘right this year I’m going to change directions I’m gonna make this kind of music’

Music is ever changing to me and I am constantly listening to new music and inspired by new artists.  I just like to write good songs & it’s only when I get in the studio with a producer that we decide on how we want it to sound. BUT I did make an effort in  writing rooms last year to push myself out of my comfort zone, so I think essentially pushing myself to do that, brought out a much more soulful, bluesy and somewhat sassy side of me! (which I didn’t know I had by the way… haha it was a discovery) this vibe then followed through in the production process.

The new sound excited me, still does excite me! So regardless of what genre people want to put it in, it was important to me that it sounded different, new & fresh compared to what everyone else is doing.

What direction do you think the new music is heading in?

Definitely a rootsy, soulful, country direction! I love country music, I love soulful music & soulful singers. Singers that can really sing and give you goosebumps. I love blues music too. I’d like to think this EP has an element of all three.

Being a fairly new artist breaking into this scene, what challenges do you face with the new music? 

I think being a female artist and trying to get radio AirPlay has its own set of challenges. Maybe less so in the UK Compared to the US, but we do still feel the brunt of it on this side of the pond. It is crazy to me that in 2020 some radio stations still play only male artists and they still dominate the charts.

Luckily, we have inspiring strong female artists like Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert breaking the mold and consistently pushing boundaries for change. Also, for me as a new artist It’s not all about radio & AirPlay, it’s about finding my loyal fanbase who will listen to my music, come to my shows, tell their friends, share my music etc.

In this industry I’m learning that it’s not always the best songs or the best singers & artists that get ahead, so the biggest challenge for me is reminding myself this is a business and I have to be patient.

Can you remember the first time you wrote a song? 

Who gave you the support to keep writing in the beginning? Who did you play the early songs for?

 I think I wrote my first song when I was about 13 it was called ‘Holding On’ I sang it to my music teacher at school and he was impressed. He played it on the piano and made a really cool arrangement for me. That really inspired me. I just needed that one person to say it was good and that is all I needed. I knew then I just wanted to write all my own songs & get better.

Have you been able to write new material and record during lockdown? 

I’m constantly writing, so yes, I have written a few new songs and several unfinished songs. I haven’t recorded anything in lockdown as of yet.

The lockdown is obviously hugely affecting the music business. What’s next for you? How do you plan on connecting with your fans and promoting the new music?

Yes these are really tough times, I was so excited to release this new music and play live shows and tour. But I guess we all have to find new ways to connect right now.

I’m lucky I had the EP recorded in February and we had all the singles planned. So I’m excited to share the music, the artwork, music videos, acoustic lockdown videos & some behind the scenes footage. I have got creative in lockdown and made music videos at home, which has been new and exciting. I’m also in the process of filming some content for an acoustic unplugged style performance of the whole EP. So I’m excited to share that with the world & then plan a tour for early 2021.

Website: www.thelauraevans.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lauraevansuk/

Interview by Claire Lloyd for MPM

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