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TOKYO MOTOR FIST : ‘Lions’ – second album by US hard rock act formed by Trixter and Danger Danger members / out 10.07.20 via Frontiers

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The self-titled 2017 debut album by Tokyo Motor Fist scratched an itch for music fans starved of new albums by Trixter or Danger Danger (and who also happen to love Def Leppard). The band now serves up another offering with their follow-up release, ‘Lions’, with the band delivering exactly what fans want and would expect with their catchy and uplifting hard rock.

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On the making of the new album, guitarist Steve Brown states: “From day one when I put together Tokyo Motor Fist, I knew that this was a genuine rock group, not a fake cash grab project, a so-called supergroup or imaginary band that makes one record and never plays live…..TMF is the REAL DEAL!

Our debut  release proved that, our live shows cemented that fact, and the worldwide response and success to the debut was so overwhelming that a follow-up record was a sure thing. Here we present you with ‘Lions’, which is next level stuff for the band, as you will hear.


It is a great feeling after 30 years of making records to be at the top of my game as a writer, singer, player and producer. I am so proud of my band – Ted, Chuck and Greg all delivered incredible performances and took my songs to a higher ground. I also brought in my rock ‘n roll brother, the great Bruno Ravel, to mix the record.

He is without doubt one of the most talented all around musicians/producers I know. His expertise and ears took this album over the top. It was mastered by Maor Appelbaum, who did a fantastic job. It sounds brilliant! Lastly, we are on the best label in the business in Frontiers Records! My friend Serafino Perugino [label president] allowed TMF the extra time and the support needed to make the record of our dreams.I can’t wait for you all hear this. ‘Lions’ is the positive and feel good record that the world needs right now…it’s gonna blow your mind!!!”

Vocalist Ted Poley adds: “I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of such an amazing band! The new album is absolutely stunning! Steve Brown‘s songwriting has hit a new high and ‘Lions’ contains some of my favourite songs that I have ever sung on in my career. The TMF rhythm section of Chuck and Greg are an unstoppable dream team. This record should come with a warning label because you will be singing along with it for days! The hooks just keep coming! And we hope that you will too!”

Bassist Greg Smith continues: “I absolutely loved our first album, but this one is a game changer for the band! The songs, playing and soul of the group are definitely captured on this record. It was an absolute pleasure to be there when the legendary Dennis DeYoung recorded his cameo on the title track, and he took an already great song to the next level. I can’t wait to perform these tunes live with my TMF brothers, hopefully in the near future! I hope you all enjoy this album as much as I did playing on it!”

“’Lions’ is by far and away the best album I’ve ever had the pleasure to play on! Each and every song is outstanding and this new record reaches new sonic and songwriting heights yet achieved in my career!! A-a-a-a-and you can quote me on this!!!!”, concludes drummer Chuck Burgi.

Written and produced by Steve Brown, ‘Lions’ was mixed by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger, The Defiants) and mixed by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More, Yes, Dokken). The title song also features a guest keyboard solo by Dennis DeYoung, while the track ‘Sedona’ features a saxophone spot from Mark Rivera (Billy Joel, Ringo Starr).

You don’t need to be a die-hard 80’s/90’s hard rock fan to know that the fruits of an artistic alliance between Danger Danger singer Ted Poley and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter was going to make melodic rock fans rejoice.

Featuring Ted Poley (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), Greg Smith (bass) and Chuck Burgi (drums), Tokyo Motor Fist was birthed out of Ted and Steve’s longstanding friendship.

They were playing the same club circuit when their respective bands were starting out, while over the years they developed a great personal relationship and the idea of making a record together had been on the cards for some time.

With help from the Frontiers label this became a reality. Rounded out by Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, Rainbow, Alice Cooper) and Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Bon Jovi) on bass and drums respectively, TMF’s self-titled 2017 debut was met with the high praise and enthusiasm one would expect from fans of the genre and has had fans clamouring for a follow-up. TMF anticipates hitting the road in support of the album once the world situation stabilises.

1  Youngblood
2  Monster In Me
3  Around Midnight
4  Mean It
5  Lions
6  Decadence On 10th Street
7  Dream Your Heart Out
8  Blow Your Mind
9  Sedona
10  Look Into Me
11  Winner Takes All

album pre-order link

Ted Poley – vocals
Steve Brown – guitar, vocals, keyboards
Greg Smith – bass, vocals
Chuck Burgi – drums


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