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Album Review : Electric Mob – ‘Discharge

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Listening to ‘Discharge’, you would have sworn that Electric Mob had been around for years, such is the assured sky-high quality of the songwriting and the brio of the performances.

The fact that this is their debut makes the triumph even more astounding and the Brazilian four piece seem to have come already equipped to take on the big names and prepared to crush anything that stands in their way.

This is hard rock firmly rooted with its influences in the best of the 70’s and 80’s bands whilst adding their own modern edge and character. With its stomping blues and darkly sensual opening, ‘Devil You Know’ is typical of the classy fare on offer, transforming slickly into a chest beating rocker that roars with testosterone filled glory.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAdCDhi-qQM&w=560&h=315]

Surprisingly, ‘King’s Ale’ starts with a bit of banjo but this gives way to the sort of dirty, swaggering rock ‘n’ roll that Guns ‘n’ Roses made their name with and ‘Got Me Runnin’’ is a huge sounding slab of 70’s writhing power, Bad Company but with much more heft. The latter really shows off the tremendous fretwork of Ben Hur Auwarter, a guitarist who’ll be turning many a head with his mix of feel and sheer force.

This band don’t ever seem to feel the need to screw around and there’s a tangible sense that they’re hungry and ready to take on all comers, a supercharged muscle car with absolutely no brakes.


From the riff heavy pounder of ‘Far Off’ to the atmospheric and spacious, slow burning ‘Your Ghost’ the song structures are unshakable and shows talent that signposts a watertight connection between the four musicians.

It could be that frontman Renan Zonta is a vocalist to one day stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in the business, owning a set of pipes to genuinely make you sit up and listen.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V3leWmDecQ&w=560&h=315]

‘Gypsy Touch’, ‘123 Burn’ and ‘Upside Down’ are bruising, snotty ass kickers that crackle with muscle and pedal to the metal intent as Yuri Elero’s bass and the drumming of Andre Leister provide the relentless engine room of this rampaging beast. Things turn funky on ‘Higher than Your Heels’ as the band hit a deep groove, adding some brass into the mix before ‘Brand New Rope’ puts it head down and starts the charge for the finish.

It’s left to the massive and dynamic ‘We Are Wrong’ to wrap things up and it does so in very fine style, both tearing down walls with brute force and doubtless seeing many a sea of lighters, or in these days phones, held aloft in tribute at future arena headline shows.

Brazil is famed for its sporting legends but, along with Sepultura, the country now has a further world beating musical export in the shape of future kings Electric Mob.

A massively impressive debut and one that will see the band making major ripples across the globe, ‘Discharge’ will soon find itself in the collection of many a fan of gold standard hard rock. One of the most exciting bands on the planet.

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

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