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The Lockdown 2020 – Nitroville

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One of the most exciting bands in the country, London based Nitroville bring an authentic Southern Rock sound that speaks more of desert highways and dusty roadside bars than red double deckers and Buckingham Palace.

Having worked together for years, singer Tola Lamont and guitarist Kurt Michael have built up a formidable reputation as writers and performers and are very much the core of what makes the band successful. Mixing their gritty hard rocking, yet melody packed, sound with Lamont’s powerful and soulful voice has proven a very winning formula and it’s all stirred together in a delicious gumbo that brings to mind all the best bits of big league acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet at their bruising best. 


With two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Can’t Stop What’s Comin’’ and ‘Cheating the Hangman’ under their belts, numerous festival appearances and packed tours of the UK and Europe, including a show at the prestigious O2 in Greenwich, the band are currently putting the finishing touches for album number three, ‘Dark Texas’.  We caught up with singer Tola to see how she and the band are fairing. 

First off, and most importantly: How are you doing?  

We are all well and healthy thanks!    

 How have you been keeping yourself busy?  

Kurt Michael has been busy finalizing mixing for album number three.  We got delayed on the release plans due to Covid – but have some exciting news soon in the pipeline on this!  

 Have you been doing any online live shows or seen any good ones?  

We have our first online gig planned for 25 July – which we’re really looking forward to!  We haven’t had much time to check out online shows, apart from friends’ videos but it’s a good way to keep active during this strange time.    

 Have you had to change your way of writing material?  

At the moment we are busy with the production of our new album material . we had to rethink the way we do it since the lockdown and luckily, have found a working solution.

  Do you keep in touch with your fellow bandmates / other musicians much?  

Yes, all the time, we are close.  

 What plans have you had to change this year?  

We, like all other bands had gigs and festivals cancelled – which was difficult to go through, but when one puts it into perspective of – saving lives and keeping safe, it was a small sacrifice – yet still disappointing.  We were booked and announced to play Ramblin’ Man Fair this year – but we understand it will be rolled over to 2021 – here’s hoping all bands can all get back out there soon and restore our sanity!!  

 What do you think of the social distancing gigs (like the one that happened in Kansas this week – 229 people in a 1,100-seat venue) or the thought of drive-in gigs?  

It’s great that organisations are trying to overcome the present adversity, but realistically this is surely a massive financial loss to venues and artists – and I would imagine, a bit of a dampener on atmosphere with such a reduced crowd.  Drive in gigs – maybe who knows – it may have potential and be a better idea than the alternative of no festivals at all.    

 How do you think the music industry will have changed after this period of lockdown?  

Venues were already on their knees before – now?  We guess so many will be going under – we may be relying more on festival appearances in outdoor locations – over venues.  It has made online presence and activity even greater too, I guess.    

 What plans have you got for when the isolation finishes and gigs start back up again?  

Gig gig gig!! In the UK and resume our gigs abroad!!     

 How can people support you during this time?   

I guess people have bigger priorities in this crisis other than actively supporting bands – but it would be great if anybody wants to stream us on Spotify etcetera and look out for our next release – coming soon!!  Cheers All – stay safe! 



Interview by Paul Monkhouse for MPM


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