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This live release captures the larger than life character that is Dee Snider at his Bloodstock appearance, pulling material from his solo career and also his time in Twisted Sister.

The set kicks off with the pounding steam train drums of `Lies Are A Business’. There’s no messing about here as Snider screams out his menacing vocal and guitars dance between heavy machine gun riffs and twin harmonies.

The pace keeps up with `Tomorrow’s No Concern’, then to a raucous roar from the crowd, the first Twister Sistersong punctuates the set. `You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll’ is a metal anthem anyway but live it carries even more power.

Taking the tempo down but still keeping things heavy comes `The Beast’, again great live, lending itself to fist punching and headbanging. Taking on more of a Stateside flavour of metal is `American Made’ which no doubt had the crowd jumping as Snider’s vocal rises in the mix as the guitars squeal and riff in the background.

Back in Twisted Sister mode `Under The Blade’ and you can feel the place is buzzing. Keeping up the same vibe is another Sister Track, `The Kids Are Back’. Sounding heavier than its studio version, Snider is in full flow now and acting every inch the frontman, owning the stage and taking the crowd in the palm of his hand.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx9Fr4-PmYs&w=560&h=315]

Twin guitars launch the band into `Become The Storm’ before we return to Twisted Sister territory in the form of `We’re Not Gonna Take It’ where Snider gets the crowd fully involved. `The Hurricane’ follows to then be replaced by the dark and moody `Burn In Hell’ but the depressive vibe is soon blown away by the true crowd pleaser, `I Wanna Rock’.


For The Love Of Metal’ takes us back to the harder side of Snider before the main man then describes `Highway To Hell’ as “The International Anthem Of Heavy Metal”  what a great version this is!

Snider’s time with Widowmaker is also included here in the form of `Ready To Fall’and the live set finishes with a strong rendition of `Roll Over You’. Also included here is the new studio single, `Prove Me Wrong’, a song about Snider’s attitude and persona which defies anyone to say he can’t achieve or do what he wants.

All the tracks found here are strong and show a more modern Dee Snider doing what he does best whilst still retaining links to his past musical ventures. If you like his more recent studio outings then you’ll love this!

Review by Paul Sabin for MPM

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