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Single Review : Shades of Gray  – ‘Tied Up In Love

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Shades of Gray  – ‘Tied Up In Love’ – Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

The 80’s were a hard, unfeeling time for most. Whilst the New Romantic movement tried to add a little glamour and colour to the world, money was what the grey times revolved around, greed just under the surface of society. Into this corporate world came a voice that was loud, clear and full of both rebellion and heart. That voice was hard rock. Full of fire and a street punk attitude, bands like Saxon, Van Halen and Motley Crue came along to bring escapism and unity, a true incendiary spirit that was fiercely proud and ear shattering.
Myke Gray has distilled all that’s great of that era and this, the latest release from the next chapter of his Shades of Gray project, has that excitement, sleaze and hook-filled melody by the tonne. From the chills inducing intro riff through to the instantly singable chorus this is an absolute firecracker.
As always, it’s constructed with the precision of a NASA scientist but very much with dirt under it’s fingernails and soul. The layers are there to make it irresistible and the solo scorches. You just imagine this playing in arenas as curtains of fireworks rain down from the lighting rig. Rock music is here to save the day, yet again.
Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM
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