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DGM : ‘Tragic Separation’ – long awaited 10th album by Italian prog metal masters out 09.10.20 via Frontiers

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Italian progressive metal masters DGM have announced the release of their long awaited 10th studio album, ‘Tragic Separation’, their first record since acclaimed 2016 set ‘The Passage’.

The quintet began writing the music for it in the spring of 2019, with the year taken to complete the album a longer process than normal but necessary to achieve a desire to push themselves beyond any boundaries set by their previous work. The end result ticks all the boxes of the Progressive Metal genre, while also adding their own unique stamp.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJhyycfUUf0&w=560&h=315]

Although existing fans will find all the trademark elements of the DGM sound present and correct, including sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning-fast fretwork, huge sounding vocals and bombastic transitions, the additional care and dedication in the songwriting this time around emerges in phenomenal and carefully conceived tracks that encompass everything from traditional progressive metal to a more classic hard rock sound (even giving a nod to Kansas in the title track).

The musicianship is as faultless as ever, while the melodies are perfectly woven into killer guitars, epic keyboards and pounding drums.

As well as being excellent musically, lyrically ‘Tragic Separation’ reveals a concept record told through the eyes of a protagonist about life, the paths we travel down based on the choices we make, plus the subsequent consequences to our lives. Among doubts and second thoughts about these choices is one that echoes in the soul of the protagonist: what if the answer for everything was the path itself? An unanswered question, which is another starting point for a new quest… another beginning.


DGM are not only the finest progressive metal band in Italy, but an absolutely astounding force to be reckoned with from anywhere. They plan to tour in support of this new album as soon as conditions allow.

1  Flesh And Blood
2  Surrender
3  Fate
4  Hope
5  Tragic Separation
6  Stranded
7  Land Of Sorrow
8  Silence
9  Turn Back Time
10 Curtain

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Marco Basile – vocals
Simone Mularoni – guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – bass
Emanuele Casali – keyboards
Fabio Costantino – drums


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