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Album Review : Alpha Wolf : A Quiet Place to Die

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 Let’s get right to it. There is a review out there that stated that no two songs on this album sound the same.

There is an element of techno combined with two vocal types, screams and a more fluid vocal tone accompanied by dual guitar work and traditional metalcore bass and drums.

That techno component is strewn throughout the album, which makes it cohesive. There is also the overall theme of suicide and self-inflicted horrors. It is an open book that reveals mental pain and instability.

What makes this album work is the bass/drum connection. No doubt. Congrats to Mitch Fogarty and John Arnold for their collaborative work on this project.

The builds, riffs, and climaxes make this complex. Just when you are attempting to peel back the last layer, a melody kicks in.

Each song takes us on an emotional journey, which is hard to produce with this style of metalcore style of music, and they make it work effortlessly. Alpha Wolf produces. This album is high octane, mesmerizing, and quite satisfying.

A few notable songs: The last song on the album, Don’t Ask has quite an astounding intro that is an immediate pull-in and quickly turns into a mosh-pitter’s dream.

It is preceded by Restricted. “Blame it on the state of mind,” Lochie Keogh screams, as if he is not wanting to take personal responsibility for his random acts whatever they may have been.

This album touches upon some deep subject matter. If there is one single that sums up the overall theme of the album, it would be Rot in Pieces. Good God! WTF?! It is an attack on all fronts; Vocals, instrumentals, and techno synthesizers. One word to sum it up: Electronicore.

One thing to note: If an emotional response is needed on singles with sensitive subject matter, maybe taking a riff or two down a few notches may elicit a more emotional response.

Otherwise the listener grapples with the dissection of the sounds versus the lyrics. All in all this album delivers on all fronts, especially with the drums galare and the bass tonally on-point.

Double guitars were icing on the cake. Both the instrumentals on A Quiet Place to Die hand your ass to you on a silver platter well done, of course!

Order ‘a quiet place to die’ now: https://www.alphawolfcvlt.co

Follow Alpha Wolf on social media! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alphawolfcvlt Instagram: @alphawolfcvlt Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphawolfcvlt

Review by Jordonna Lobese for MPM

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