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Album Review : Devil Driver Dealing with Demons

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  Review by Jordonna Lobese for MPM

You Give Me A Reason To Drink. Yes, you do. And you give me a reason to listen repeatedly to Devil Driver’s Dealing with Demons too. This is the band’s first album of new material since 2016’s Trust No One, and it represents the band’s ‘purging’ of issues.

According to Dez Fafara, lead vocalist, some of those issues are overcoming his wife’s cancer, outrunning wildfires, and dealing with the pandemic and its secondary concerns.

These demons must be axed. They say that some of the most tortured individuals produce the best art. If Dealing with Demons wasn’t picked for a title, the album could have been called The Devil and Dez Fafara.

Just an idea. Then again, maybe not. The band confesses that making this album has been nothing short of a cathartic experience, and they are ready to leave that baggage at the door and move on into 2021.

So let’s break it down. Right out of the gate, Scars Me Forever grabs your attention from the get-go. The vocals scream, “When everything is not what it seems, I’m going to pack up my days and nights and walk away and leave.” Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann’s (guitars) purposeful instrumental timing is slightly off, which produces a sort of chorusing effect and adds a sense of richness to the song.

Witches adds variety to the album with a unique sound. The intro has some metalcore rap and then explodes into heavy hitting guitar riffs with sprinkles of bass and drum woven intricacies.

On Witches Austin D’Amond is the glue holding the guitarists and the bassist together. He showcases some serious stamina on this entire album.

Iona. I’m not quite sure what she did, but I’m gathering that she is “sick and twisted,” as the song indicates. Dez Fafara’s vocals on Wishing are different than on the other songs.

Nothing is as it seems” is repeated in both aggressive screams and regular, clean vocals. Lyrically, it is rhythmic and catchy. Nest Of Vipers contains more climaxes than a Chrissy Fox porn video.

There is never a dull moment. Bassist Diego Ibarra’s surgically carved out playing beefs up the kick drum on this single.

There are 10 singles on this album, and there are no gaps. Like a great movie, you will be on the edge of your seat.

Devil Driver will be releasing the second part of this album in 2021; and if it is anything like Volume I, fans will be lining up for a repeat performance. Bravo! Well done.

Dealing With Demons I” here: https://smarturl.it/DealingWithDemonsI


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