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Album Review : King King -Maverick

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I have been looking forward to the release of King King’s 5th studio album ‘Maverick’ after seeing the band live on numerous occasions over the last few years, always enjoying the energy they bring to the music together with the ability to hook a crowd in through huge chorus’s and soul soaring riffs.

So how does it fair with the new line-up including Alans big brother the incredibly talented Stevie?

‘Never Give In’ – just listen to that guitar sound! That fabulousness of Alan Nimmo himself, nothing more needs to be said, the guy is dripping in talent, also prevalent throughout the track are the keyboards of Jonny Dyke, this is a classic feeling rock song, typical of the King King sound.

‘Fire In My Soul’ has the wonderful catchy verse but oh that chorus…love it, reverberating in my head, snarling riffs underpinning the melody which floods your ears.

Slower and heavier on the blues side, the vocals of Alan take the centre stage on ‘Whatever It Takes to Survive’. I can feel the music and the lyrics pulling on my heart strings, a wonderfully constructed track which explodes into dual guitar riffs which smash your heart to pieces leaving it in a mushy pile on the floor. This is so good and one I cannot wait to see performed live.

‘I Will Not Fall’ has received extensive airplay and rightly so. Andrew Scott keeps the tempo going throughout and again those keyboards give it a clear identity which is already unmistakable along with Alan’s voice. Soaring riffs and thumping bassline from Zander Greenshields with the winning combination of singalong lyrics and an already familiar tune.

Opening with just the piano accompanying the vocal, ‘By Your Side’ is a beautiful ballad. True to style the song develops but retains the emotion in the delivery but again it’s that flood of a riff that takes it up to another level, so clean and reaching.

‘One World’ takes over on the tempo stakes again delivering on the lyrical front. ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ another feel good song. The pace and the way the songs are put together ensure that the music flows along with the lyrics.

‘When My Winter Comes’ allows Alan’s voice to take the spotlight with such beautiful lyrics, how could it not? A simple piano accompaniment lets you really hear the words, the tone of Alan’s voice is sublime. I love the rockier side of this band but you cannot fault the quality of the softer ballads and the layers of harmonies on the chorus.

‘Dance Together’ takes the pace up again, consistent tapping from Mr Scott moves it along nicely. Back to the funky keys of Jonny Dyke melting out into the melody before ‘End of The Line’ has a very American blues vibe, again the lyrics are what pulls me in, a band who know how to write the words not just the music, intricate riffs enthralling your ears and mind before bringing the album to a mellow close

I found the album as a whole to be more American in its vibe which I liked, a band whose line up has changed and their sound has developed but the core of their identity is solidly there.

I can honestly say that on several songs I was surprised when the unexpected happened or didn’t happen, by that I mean not throwing in an explosion of sound and keeping it beautifully simple through their lyrical mastery, or sliding in a stunning, soaring, beautifully played riff when I had lost myself in the keys and melody.

Along with just about every music fan, I can’t wait for live music to return and with their tour already announced, let’s keep everything crossed that we can get to see and hear such

good new songs played in rooms full of appreciative fans who I know will memorise every word and sing along for the entire set.

A great album, go and buy it

Maverick – pre order now from https://kingking.tmstor.es #NewMusic.

social media channels. https://www.kingking.co.uk/






Review by Lindsay Smith for MPM

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