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Single Review : AC/DC – ‘Shot In The Dark’

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

Can you hear that sound? That rumble that seems to be everywhere around you? That sonic wave is what happens when the biggest and greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the World release a brand-new single from their forthcoming album.

What you can hear is one of the biggest celebrations of the year as literally millions all over the globe welcome one of the most highly anticipated singles in the history of music.

AC/DC are absolute masters of what they do, the decades of multi-platinum albums and sold out arenas and stadiums honing them to perfection, scalpel sharp but always with a gloriously real and earthy roughness.

‘Shot In The Dark’ is everything you could ask for and more. Sure, it doesn’t break the template the band has stuck to since finding their signature sound, there’s no trickery here or wild experimentation but that’s not what we want.

What we have here is the glorious return of Angus ripping riffs out of his guitar the way he was born to, the solo soaked in slide and the primal rhythm of bass, drums and guitar powering things along with a mighty swinging groove as Brian Johnson sounds like a man on a mission, every sinew taut as he prowls and roars through both verses and chorus.

The boys are most definitely back in town and, without doubt, nobody does it better than this.

Pre-order ‘POWER UP’ now: https://acdc.lnk.to/WORLDID Listen to “Shot In The Dark” now: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID Amazon Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/amazonmusic Apple Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/applemusic Deezer: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/deezer iTunes: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/itunes Soundcloud: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/soundcloud Spotify: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/spotify YouTube Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/SITDID/youtubemusic

FOLLOW ACDC: Website: https://pwrup.acdc.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acdc Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acdc Twitter: https://twitter.com/acdc

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